We provide internationalization and localization products and services that help your organization build world-ready software that’s easily localized in every sprint and release.

About our Company

When we started Lingoport in 2001, we saw companies experiencing challenges internationalizing development. These challenges weren’t being addressed systematically. This negatively impacts release goals and quality. While delivering extensive internationalization services, we created products that made the work go faster and helped our clients continue to produce global-ready code. All of our products and services come from this core mission of supporting development, while managing the complex issues that get introduced with linguistic and locale requirements. We use technology and expertise to help our clients bring development and localization together in their worldwide business mission.


Based on our extensive experience producing global software solutions, Lingoport has created a flexible methodology to help businesses tackle internationalization and localization issues using our Globalyzer Suite, and our internationalization consulting services.

We promote a process called Continuous Globalization in which our products provide automation, visualization and metrics to make internationalization and localization a measurable and faster process for all your sprints and releases. Eliminate globalization backlog, take control of your global quality and get your teams all on board.

How to Reach Us

Lingoport, Inc.
3180 Sterling Circle
Suite 201
Boulder, CO 80301

Email: info (at)
Phone: +1.303.444.8020
Fax: +1.303.484.2447 (if you must)

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