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January 2008: Lingoport Announces Globalyzer Diagnostics to Assess Application Global Readiness

New tool quickly quantifies challenges to software code and web site internationalization BOULDER, Colorado, January 09, 2008 — Lingoport, the leading provider of software internationalization tools and services, announced the release of Globalyzer Diagnostics, a revolutionary new means of assessing source code readiness for global markets. For the first time, Globalyzer Diagnostics enables software professionals to […]

Your Project is Late! Any Idea What that Costs?

A local leadership conference a few years ago featured a live panel discussion including Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, and Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital, a Google’s investor and board member. The first question tossed out was: what makes a company great? Mr. Schmidt quickly answered,

October 2007: Lingoport Releases Results of Industry-Wide Study on Software Localization and Globalization Readiness

Identifies Gaps in Internationalization Capacity for Both Clients and Localization Service Providers BOULDER, Colorado, October 30, 2007 – Lingoport, Inc., (www.lingoport.com) a leading provider of globalization software and services, today announced results of an industry-wide Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n) Study that examines readiness on the part of clients and Localization Service Providers (LSPs) to […]

October 2007: Lingoport Launches Industry-Wide Survey to Gauge Impact of Internationalization on Localization Projects

Survey Results Available at Localization World Conference Workshop BOULDER, Colorado, October 1, 2007 – Lingoport, Inc., (www.lingoport.com) a leading developer of globalization software and services, today announced that it has launched a survey to explore how internationalization of software and websites may reduce the risks and timelines of localization projects. Survey results will be discussed […]

Product Tip: Finding and Externalizing Strings in Large Amounts of Code

The Plunger Botton: Sucking Strings from Software It’s a point of cavalier pride that we figure Globalyzer, a leading software internationalization tool, is the only commercial software that features a toilet plunger in its interface. Obviously that flies in the face of internationalization (i18n) convention regarding use of culturally sensitive images in software. But if […]