Continuous Globalization Whitepaper

Integrate Internationalization and Localization with Agile Development

Continuous GlobalizationDespite the fact that the agile manifesto origins date back to 2001 and forms of extreme programming considerably earlier, the localization industry has lagged in terms of systems and processes that support continuous internationalization and localization. You do find some trail blazing companies who have developed their own systems, often in the form of manually executed scripts and processes. However that is not the same as we see from technology that supports other critical continuous requirements, such as coding quality and security.

Since internationalization and localization are important revenue generating activities and form a pillar of software usability, they should be easy to deliver as part of daily product development activities. The problem is that as development has moved to faster and even continuous release cycles, manual and disconnected localization tasks create departmental discord and backlogs.

The Lingoport Suite continuously measures, visualizes, and automates internationalization and localization at the source code repository and developer desktop and checkin level.

Download our Continuous Globalization white paper, which examines making internationalization and localization integrated and ongoing development activities. We explain the needs, benefits and returns. For access, please use the registration form below and we will email it to you.

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