Lingoport Featured in Develop Magazine’s Localization Focus

Game magazine Develop focuses on creating games for the global stage in April 2012 issue

Localization has become more of an essential business process to gaming companies as more global users adopt the ability to play on their mobile and browser platforms. UK-based Develop magazine featured an article in their April 2012 issue highlighting what businesses are doing to cater to their global end-users.

In the past, Localization was seen as a non-essential part of game development left to be tacked on to the end of production. Today, game companies and developers know that internationalization and localization must be done well from the start to accommodate the growing global user base. In the article, Zynga, a Lingoport customer, is used as an example of how localization practices have changed drastically. Imagine sending a user-to-user message in CityVille from a Spanish-speaker’s Facebook game platform to a German-speaker’s iPhone iOS platform. No easy task.

Develop magazine’s April 2012 issue is available to download for free at The Localization Focus article is on pages 25-27 with Lingoport’s feature on page 26.

Curious to learn more about the internationalization technology engine implemented by top game companies to internationalize? Attend Lingoport’s webinar April 19th at 11am PT.

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