Lingoport Releases Resource Manager 2.0

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Boulder, Colorado – May 12, 2015 – Lingoport has released Resource Manager 2.0. Resource Manager integrates software development source code repositories seamlessly and automatically with localization.  Companies can release globalized software, sites and applications faster while reducing development and localization costs. Resource Manager 2.0 provides an automated connection with source control systems […]

Globalyzer 4.7 – Targeting i18n for Enterprises and JavaScript for Global Users

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Boulder, Colorado – May 5, 2015 – Today, Lingoport released Globalyzer 4.7. Globalyzer helps software development adapt, create and maintain products so they are internationalized in every sprint to support localization, locale formatting and data presentation. Globalyzer analyzes and fixes internationalization (i18n) issues for 14 programming languages plus multiple variants. Key features […]

Globalyzer 4.6 released featuring enhanced JavaScript internationalization (i18n)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Boulder, Colorado – December 8, 2014 – Lingoport has released Globalyzer 4.6, the flagship component of its Globalyzer Suite for developing and maintaining applications for internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n) requirements. Key drivers for this release are to add more accuracy and assistance for finding and fixing internationalization issues in several popular […]

Lingoport Releases New Versions of Internationalization Software: Globalyzer 4.3, Resource Manager 1.3 and Dashboard 1.3, Packaged Together as Globalyzer Express

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Boulder, Colorado – September 24, 2013 – In an ongoing effort to make software internationalization (i18n) and Localization (L10n) easier and integrated into software development, Lingoport has released a coordinated update of all its internationalization software products, brought together in a new system, Globalyzer Express, for building and maintaining globalized software, supporting […]

Globalyzer 4.2 Adds Objective-C Internationalization Support

Boulder, Colorado, April 23, 2013 – Lingoport ( is pleased to announce the release of Globalyzer 4.2, an enterprise-level product suite to detect and refactor internationalization (i18n) bugs. Objective-C Internationalization Globalyzer 4.2 adds Objective-C to its long list of supported programming languages and database scripts. Customers now have the ability to scan Objective-C to detect […]

Lingoport Releases Globalyzer 4.1.1 with .NET Internationalization Tutorial

.NET internationalization tutorials to accompany existing Java tutorials and provide steps for internationalizing simple web application December 6, 2012 — Boulder, CO — Lingoport (, the leading resource for creating world-ready software and applications, announced today that it has released Globalyzer 4.1.1. The release builds upon an existing framework for streamlining internationalization scanning and filtering […]

Upcoming Webinar to Demonstrate how Agile Development & Localization Can Work Smoothly Together

Smart technology and processes quell differences between Agile and localization methodologies December 6, 2012 –Boulder, CO– Lingoport (, the leading resource for creating world-ready software and applications, announced today that it is holding a webinar, Path to Agile Localization, on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 to cover how current Agile and localization methodologies may be better […]

Lingoport Resource Manager Connects Development and Localization

New technology automates translated file management and supports localization in fast moving development projects; optimizes manual and error prone resource file management November 8, 2012 — Boulder, CO — Lingoport (, a software internationalization and localization products and services firm, announced its release of Lingoport Resource Manager (LRM) to automate managing and integrating changes to […]

Lingoport Webinar to Demonstrate New Technology Supporting Localization in Agile Software Development Methodologies

Software internationalization and localization experts will present how translation integration of source code can be optimized for development and localization September 14, 2012 — Boulder, CO — Lingoport (, a software internationalization and localization products and consulting firm, announced today that it will host an online event showcasing how to streamline processes between localization and […]

Webinar Presentation Highlights Top-Five Considerations When Internationalizing Software Applications

Software development managers will learn how to avoid expensive surprises when developing applications and websites with localization in mind BOULDER, CO – August 8, 2012 – Lingoport, a provider of internationalization (i18n) products and consulting services, announced today that it will host a live webinar titled “Top-Five Considerations When Internationalizing Software” to guide software development […]