Globalyzer 3.1 Introduces Exciting New Features and Enhancements

Recent Updates and Introduction of New Features to Market Leading Software Internationalization
Tool Accommodates for Producing Even More Accurate Results in Less Time

BOULDER, CO – September 22, 2009 – Lingoport, a leading provider of software internationalization tools and software localization and internationalization consulting services, announced today the release of Globalyzer 3.1.

Lingoport’s software internationalization tool assists entire enterprises in preparing software development for world-market opportunities. Key-features include the measurement, reporting, and fixing of software internationalization bugs over a product’s lifecycle, across broad development teams and entire enterprises. The software internationalization tool supports a wide variety of programming languages and database scripts and was beta-tested by several leading business software development companies.

The key highlights of the 3.1 release include:

File Inspector: This entirely new feature allows for initial code-scanning
in order to get an inventory of files and programming languages within a software
application. This new utility provides help on what default rule sets to create
on the server, in order to optimize the initial software internationalization

Improved Default Rule Sets: The enhancement of the defaults allows for an
improved initial code scanning experience in order to find relevant issues,
thus being able to identify issues that wouldn’t be part of an interface (also
referred to as false positives).

JavaScript Support Enhancements: Improved JavaScript support
added Unsafe Method support to the default JavaScript rule set as well as string
externalization to .JS resource files.

Globalyzer Client-Server Rule Set Integration: The addition of auto updating
to the Globalyzer client enables users to immediately recognize changes that
were made within the Globalyzer server account rule sets, without the need
to restart the client-server connection.

Adam Asnes, founder and CEO of Lingoport, notes, “Other areas of improvements
include a new XML output style (Java Standard) and enhanced formatted reporting
and some changes on the parser/lexing level.” He adds, “We are very excited
to offer our customers to reach better results, more easily with this release.”

To request a demonstration off Globalyzer, please click here.

About Lingoport
Founded in 2001, Lingoport provides extensive software localization and internationalization
consulting services. Lingoport’s Globalyzer software, a market leading software internationalization tool, helps entire enterprises and development teams to effectively internationalize existing code and to prepare their applications for localization.

For more information, please visit or or contact Lingoport at +1 303 444 8020 or


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