Release globalized software on time in every sprint. Integrate internationalization
and localization with development. No globalization backlogs!

Three integrated components to create & maintain software

for any language or cultural format in every sprint.


Find and fix internationalization (i18n) issues that inhibit localization and global user experience during development. Catch up on i18n technical debt.

Lingoport Dashboard

The hub of our suite. See it all, drill down, create notifications and manage the process. Bridge gaps between localization & development. Increase visibility and track globalization metrics.

Lingoport Resource Manager

Make localization proactive. Detect & manage changes to resource files in your source code. Streamline translation jobs. Automate localization updates between development and translation.

Globalyzer Suite

Includes Globalyzer Workbench, Command Line, Server, Resource Manager & Dashboard. All work together to support developers and localization teams in building internationalized and localized products in every sprint.

  • Include internationalization in agile development from the start – a process we call Continuous Globalization.
  • Find and fix internationalization issues in your source code for a wide variety of programming languages
  • Proactively support & track internationalization and localization status
  • Globalyzer works behind your firewall keeping your source code secure

Globalyzer Command Line

Automatically monitor internationalization using static analysis to measure internationalization issues and progress over your product’s lifecycle.

  • Includes integration with ANT and other systems

Globalyzer Server

Customize how Workbench and Command Line will run. By centralizing project configurations, engineers get unified capabilities for internationalization efforts.

  • Create multiple hierarchical rule sets for programming languages and teams
  • Fine tune issue detection with comprehensive filters
  • Your source code is never submitted or reviewed by the server.

Globalyzer Workbench

A fully functional code analysis and editing environment for finding, fixing, testing and reporting on internationalization issues in a wide variety of programming languages.


Lingoport Dashboard

Find internationalization issues in your code, identify where teams need improvement and track their progress over time.

Lingoport Dashboard aggregates and displays analytics gathered from Globalyzer and Resource Manager, running during automated intervals.

  • Provide visibility between development and localization
  • Visually track status and progress
  • Drill down, assign and manage issues
  • Automate notifications

Lingoport Resource Manager

Automate change detection and export resource files for localization. Verify and integrate localized files back into the source code.

  • Eliminate manual bookkeeping processes and human errors that slow down localization updates
  • Keep development focused on the current sprint
  • Verify locale-completeness and track missing or non-translated strings
  • Automated file format & encoding verification
  • Scale for releases to many locales in agile cycles


Automatically integrate localized resource files back into source code repository while monitoring progress and readiness

Globalyzer Product Suite Licensing Options

Express Services

  • Fastest way to get started
  • Our team assists with installation
  • Get help on rule set fine tuning and configuration

Globalyzer Pricing

  • Based on your product size and complexity – talk to us to find out more
  • Hosting options or install within your network
  • Subscription model is easy on your budget

Additional Services

  • Combine with i18n assessment, design and consulting services to help your teams tackle internationalization of legacy systems and technical debt
  • Integrate with translation management systems and workflow