Get internationalization planning, architectural & implementation help

  • Meet challenging release deadlines
  • Predict the costs and time-to-market with an internationalization assessment
  • Manage and solve software globalization technical debt
  • Optimize and streamline your localization processes
  • Overcome knowledge gaps with expert guidance and training for your entire team

Lingoport provides a broad range of software internationalization services, customized to fit your release goals, technologies, engineering resources and budget. Our extensive globalization experience, methodology and products support getting your global releases out on time, on budget and on quality.

Your development team can focus on new features while we help you meet globalization deadlines.

“I am more than a little impressed with your dedication, the accuracy and completeness of your work!”

-NASDAQ OMX Lead Engineer

Internationalization Assessment

An i18n assessment gives you the necessary information including technical approach, timing and costs to enable your company to support business and technical objectives to move forward.

Assessments include:

  • Architectural discussions
  • Line-by-line source code analysis with Globalyzer
  • Detailed project plan
  • Internationalization requirements document
  • Localization quote from one of our partners

Internationalization Outsourcing

Meet your global release goals while also allowing your development teams to concentrate on building new products and features. Our internationalization development teams are experienced in a wide range of technologies and requirements.

Complete outsourcing solutions include all phases of work from:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Internationalization testing
  • Code merge (optimized for development cycles)
  • Localization integration

Extra Support for Internationalization Initiatives

Help your teams successfully hit global release goals.

  • Internationalization architectural consulting
  • Internationalization planning
  • Continuous globalization integration using the Lingoport Suite
  • Testing design
  • Targeted development tasks
  • Ongoing development advisory service
  • Optimization of localization processes

We can quickly help you tune and customize the suite of Lingoport products so that you are up and running with refined results quickly. We can also integrate with custom connectors to translation management systems, workflow management and more.

i18n Training

Internationalization Training

Get your entire development team proficient in the complex requirements involved with building globalized software. We have self-directed internationalization e-learning modules, complete with testing and certification. Instructor led classes are also available.