May 2007: Lingoport Releases Enhanced Globalyzer for Faster Software Globalization

Advanced Features Enhance i18n Productivity

BOULDER, Colorado, May 21, 2007 – Lingoport, Inc., ( a leading developer of globalization software and services, today announced the release of GlobalyzerTM 2.4 to help companies more quickly and accurately make their software world-ready for international markets. Lingoport developed a new detection engine for Globalyzer 2.4 that helps find embedded HTML strings with greater accuracy and speed. This is significant because embedded strings will inhibit localization or translation of software. Globalyzer 2.4 reduces false positives (irrelevant issues), works through large amounts of source code faster, and eases testing burdens. The new HTML detection engine works on all forms of HTML, including JSP, ASP and ASPX. Its pseudo-localization function, PseudoJudo(TM), allows for testing without waiting for translation. Testers do not need to speak the target language.

“At Lingoport, considerable attention goes into regularly adjusting Globalyzer’s balance on detection and filtering of internationalization issues,” said Adam Asnes, Lingoport’s CEO. “Globalyzer 2.4 is the outcome of an ongoing cycle of feedback involving development on millions of lines of code over geographically dispersed teams between our development labs and our clients. Lingoport has adapted an entirely new approach to parsing HTML that results in higher project accuracy, faster scanning and less clean up needed in testing. Our goal is to help companies increase revenues by internationalizing their software quickly for sale and implementation in the world market.”


Lingoport’s expanded functionality of Globalyzer’s PseudoJudo utility was first released in Globalyzer 2.3. PseudoJudo lets developers test for internationalization without waiting for localization (translation), by “padding” and stretching resource files with characters from a target locale while expanding strings as well. Users can test to ensure that character encodings aren’t being corrupted and that strings of code and interfaces are expanding properly. PseudoJudo can be pointed to whole directories of files, rather than one file at a time for faster performance.

About Lingoport

Founded in 2001, Lingoport, Inc, helps global businesses adapt and leverage their software for world market readiness. Lingoport’s Globalyzer helps companies systematically adapt their software code and development practices to be more efficient for worldwide customers who demand that software works the way they expect it to. The company also provides internationalization services including internationalization analysis, implementation, testing and training.

In addition to its offices in Boulder, Colorado. Lingoport maintains development offices in Laramie, Wyoming. For more information, call +1-303-444-802

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