September 2006: Lingoport Introduces Enhanced Globalyzer™ for Improved Globalization of Software

Globalyzer™ 2.3 Features Added Programming Language Internationalization Support, Testing Module, Expanded Filtering and Reporting

BOULDER, Colorado, September 18, 2006 -Lingoport, Inc., a leading developer of globalization software and services, today announced the release of Globalyzer™ 2.3 to help companies make their software ready to meet the demands of world market customers. Globalyzer 2.3 enhancements further enable a company’s software to support worldwide language, locale and cultural formatting requirements so the software will perform gracefully in any target market.

Enhancements to Globalyzer 2.3

Lingoport’s Globalyzer 2.3 includes added programming language internationalization support; a pseudo-localization module called PseudoJudo; expansions to earlier version filtering capabilities, and, the ability to distribute detailed reports using Excel with automated exporting and formatting.

Lingoport has added critical features to Globalyzer 2.3 that accelerate the globalization of software,” said Adam Asnes, CEO. “We continue to add features which enable development teams to successfully implement and manage challenging internationalization changes to their code with new worldwide user requirements in mind. Technology companies that wish to increase their revenues by selling globally need to internationalize their products as quickly as possible and do it well to be competitive.”

“Globalyzer 2.3 helps entire teams of developers coordinate and perform internationalization development tasks faster through automation and with higher degrees of accuracy. Companies can enter new markets quickly, producing high caliber world-ready products while lowering their worldwide development, translation and support costs.”

Description of Globalyzer 2.3 Enhancements

  • Added programming language internationalization support includes PHP, a widely used general-purpose scripting language for web-based applications. Globalyzer 2.3 expands support for internationalizing Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL database scripts and adds string externalization for Delphi.
  • The PseudoJudo pseudo-localization module for resource files allows developers and testers to review and functionally test their products in multiple languages without waiting for translation, and without having foreign language skills.
  • Expanded filtering capabilities let developers further eliminate possible false positive reporting, pinpointing complex internationalization issues even more accurately in large amounts of code. The new capabilities include Method Line Filtering, Image Filtering, Image Line Filtering and String Retention Patterns. These added filtering capabilities give development teams more customization capabilities to account for their unique source code needs.
  • It is now easier than ever to export and widely distribute detailed Globalyzer reports using Excel spreadsheet formatting. Detailed reports list exact locations for internationalization issues detected by category along with their line number and file information. Summary reports providing issue totals and hyperlinks to suggested remedies are provided in HTML format.

About Lingoport

Founded in 2001, Lingoport, Inc, helps global businesses adapt and leverage their software for world market readiness. Lingoport’s Globalyzer helps companies systematically adapt their software code and development practices to be more efficient for worldwide customers who demand that software works the way they expect it to. The company also provides internationalization services including internationalization analysis, implementation, testing and training.

Lingoport has offices in Boulder, Colorado and Laramie, Wyoming.

For more information, call +1.303.444.8020.

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