Top 5 i18n Summer Reading Picks

i18n Summer Reading

Perhaps you’re feeling a tad guilty about reading that tawdry novel while on the beach? Here’s some highlighted reading from our globalization archives that will balance things out for you:

i18n Summer Reading 11) The Fastest Growing Global Markets of 2018

Around vacation time everyone likes thinking about travel. There’s no better time to review which of the global markets you should considering entering by the end of this year and see if you can’t make a great argument for a working vacation before the next holiday season.

i18n Summer Reading 22)  2018 Language Services Market Overview

Everyone enjoys a quick read. Common Sense Advisory’s 2018 Language Services Market Overview can be read in just a few minutes. With 10 compelling facts, you’ll feel more knowledgeable about the industry than before you clicked.

i18n Summer Reading 33) The Finnish Language Services Market

Sometimes digging into the details gives the larger picture more context. Nimdzi has done just that by exploring many of the peculiarities of the Finnish market.

i18n Summer Reading 44) JavaScript Internationalization – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Whitepaper

This reading is more technical, providing instruction for i18n within JavaScript. This whitepaper gives a great overview for developers and localization specialists alike.

i18n Summer Reading 55) Going Global

We saved the best for last. This book is an absolute must for any business looking at starting or expanding their global presence. Anna Schlegel has written the book you need to read if you want to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy.


There’s always more on the blog and resources page.

Happy Summer!

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