2012 Internationalization Conference Agenda: i18n Track

The upcoming 2012 Internationalization Conference March 14-15 in Santa Clara, CA will feature two tracks: internationalization and localization. Attendees are welcome to float from track to track to sessions they deem most pertinent to their interests. Specific to the i18n track, presentations will include:

See below for more information on each.

Internationalization Customer Case Study

  • Presented by:
    • Tex Texin of Rearden Commerce
  • Date/Time: Thursday, March 15th, 9:00-9:50am
  • About: It is challenging to change the course of a large and extremely active development team to support internationalization. In this interactive session, Tex Texin, Chief Globalization Officer at Rearden Commerce, discusses how he has worked to analyze, architect and implement extensive internationalization work at Rearden Commerce.

Internationalization Scorecard

  • Presented by:
    • Leandro Reis of Adobe
    • Mike McKenna of Zynga
    • Paul-Henri Arnaud of Autodesk
  • Moderated by:
    • Olivier Libouban of Lingoport
  • Date/Time: Thursday, March 15th, 1:30-2:25pm
  • About: Internationalization leaders from Adobe, Zynga, Autodesk and Lingoport worked both together and individually to build an i18n scorecard system to enable managers and engineers on development teams to have guidance and ratings for their applications global readiness in summary presentation form. This has proven to be an effective way to monitor and implement internationalization focus. Panelists will present how they have implemented the scorecard and the results.

Building an i18n Department

  • Presented by:
    • Michael Kuperstein of Intel
    • Mike Mckenna of Zynga
    • Tex Texin of Rearden Commerce
    • Danica Brinton of LocLabs
  • Moderated by:
    • Adam Asnes of Lingoport
  • Date/Time: Thursday, March 15th, 2:30-3:25pm
  • About: A powerful approach and commitment to software globalization includes building an internationalization team that works among different development endeavors to guide and assist with internationalization and localization engineering concerns. In this session we’ll discuss how those teams are built, skills needed, commitment from management, how teams are received and the results from their activities.

Mobile Apps & Games Globalization Panel

  • Presented by:
    • Danica Brinton of LocLabs
    • Talia Baruch of Copyous
    • Mike McKenna of Zynga
  • Moderated by:
    • Adam Blau of Lingoport
  • Date/Time: Thursday, March 15th, 3:30-4:25pm
  • About: Mobile apps and games have their own accelerated global impact as smart phones, tablets and computers blur their distinctions. Yet, mobile apps are by nature customer facing and localization demand is high. Products range from games to front ends to sophisticated back end systems. Panelists will discuss business efforts and technical processes for internationalizing games and apps.


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