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2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference

2013 Internationalization and Localization Conference

About 2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference
Pre-Conference Technical i18n Training
Main Conference
Session Descriptions
Sponsors and Exhibiting Opportunities
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About 2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference

Dear fellow internationalization, localization, multilingual information authoring, and globalization professionals:

In the absence of a Worldware event in 2012, and with the blessing and encouragement of the Worldware organizers, Lingoport has taken the initiative and is organizing an internationalization and localization focused event in Santa Clara, CA on March 14th and 15th.

2012 Internationalization Conference features a stand-alone, full-day, technical internationalization training on Wednesday, March 14th followed by the main conference on Thursday, March 15th.

We’ll continue to update this page as we make more progress, so please check back frequently and don’t hesitate to contact Chris Raulf, Lingoport’s Marketing Director, if you should have any questions or would like to contribute to the success of this exciting event. Contact Lingoport by phone @ 303.444.0637 (US).

Register for the technical internationalization training (also includes access to main conference)

Register for 2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference

Thank you,

The Lingoport Team

Pre-Conference Technical i18n Training

This year’s internationalization conference kicks off on Wednesday, March 14th with a, stand-alone, full-day technical internationalization training.

In this intense i18n training class, attendees will work together to build an understanding of how to create world-ready products that can be made specific for any locale. In doing so, attendees will discover how to streamline their internationalization process to eliminate issues with brand inconsistency across locales, technical difficulties when looking through code, misinterpretations of cultural issues, and problems with simultaneous worldwide product releases. This class also presents a great opportunity for professionals in the global development industries to connect and discuss best practices.

This seminar requires some basic knowledge of Java and targets:

  • Software engineers
  • Software development managers
  • Internationalization and localization managers
  • Test engineering managers
  • QA managers
  • And anyone facing ongoing software globalization and localization challenges

At the end of this class, software developers and managers will use the i18n concepts they learned and work those concepts in actual code in a pragmatic approach through simple exercises in Java. The principles used in Java can be easily applied to other programming languages.

When: Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
Where: Techmart Center, Santa Clara, CA
Cost: $499 if registered by February 19th, $599, if registered after February 19th
*Registration fee also covers the registration fee for the main internationalization conference on Thursday, March 15th, 2012.
Open to: Customer-side internationalization, localization, and globalization professionals. Sorry, but please no internationalization or localization vendors
Coach: Olivier Libouban, Globalization Lead at Lingoport
Registration: The class has sold out. Please contact Chris Raulf at 303.444.0637 or by email at craulf(at)lingoport.com if you’d like to learn more about internationalization training offered by Lingoport. Thank you!
Please note: Students need to bring their own laptop with Java 1.5 or higher and their own development environment installed on it.


Training Agenda – Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
Registration and Breakfast
Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Major Concept – exercises 1, 2.
Locale, Bundles, Date/Time formats, Calendars, Message Formats, Time Zone, Currencies, Locale Strategies.
Session 3: Writing systems, Unicode – exercise 3.
Writing systems, Encoding, Unicode, glyphs, String handling, Collation, BreakIterator, boundaries.
Lunch and Networking
Session 4 (continued): Writing systems, Unicode – exercise 4.
Writing systems, Encoding, Unicode, glyphs, String handling, Collation, BreakIterator, boundaries.
Session 5: User Interface Issues – exercise 5.
LtR, RtL, Mirroring, Text sizes, Pseudo-Localization
Session 6: Input methods – setup
LtR, RtL, Mirroring, Text sizes, Pseudo-Localization
Session 7: i18n issue detection and resolution in code
We round out the day with networking, dinner, and drinks.

About Olivier Libouban

Olivier LiboubanOlivier Libouban has worked in the software industry for nearly three decades as a software engineer and project manager for start-ups as well as large corporations. A native of France, Olivier has wide ranging experience in the United States, France, Switzerland and Norway with work in research and development departments as well as client projects of all sizes and complexity. Olivier has a Diplôme d’Ingénieur from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in France and a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Olivier is a sought after internationalization presenter and teacher… and also has a great sense of humor!


Main Conference

Register for 2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference


The main conference will be held on Thursday, March 15th, 2012, and features a full day of internationalization of localization presentations, panels, and roundtable discussions. The two-track event also features information about the latest internationalization and localization technologies, as well as sessions on how to increase return on investment when authoring content for multilingual use. The event concludes with a networking and discussion evening with IMUG, the International Multilingual User Group.

When: Thursday, March 15th, 2012
Where: Techmart Center, Santa Clara, CA
Cost: $149 if registered by February 19th; $199 after February 19th and $249 after March 13th.
Open to: Anyone interested in deepening their software internationalization and localization knowledge and in meeting and networking with fellow software globalization professionals
Registration: https://www.regonline.com/2012-internationalization-conference

2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference Agenda

We have nearly finalized the speakers / presenters  line-up and will be posting additional information soon:

Internationalization Conference – Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
Opening Reception: Drinks, Food, and Networking

Join us Wednesday, March 14th (the evening before the main conference) from 5:30 til 8:30 for a relaxed evening of networking, food and drinks with friends and fellow industry professionals.

Register for 2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference


Internationalization Conference – Thursday, March 15th, 2012
Registration and Breakfast
2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference Opening
Session A1
Customer Case Study
Video RecordingPresenters:
Tex Texin of Rearden Commerce
Nico Posner of LinkedIn
Moderator: Shamus Dermody of Alchemy

Session B1
ROI: Right On In (to the C-Suite!)

Rebecca Ray of Common Sense Advisory
and Mattias Schroeter of Moravia
Moderator: Adam Blau of Lingoport

Session A/B2: Integrating Internationalization with Localization

Presenters: Kent Grave of Cisco, Michael Kuperstein of Intel, and Adam Asnes of Lingoport.
Moderator: Leandro Reis of Adobe
Session A/B3: Demo Derby
Lunch Break

Session A4

Leandro Reis of Adobe
Mike McKenna of Zynga
Paul-Henri Arnaud of Autodesk
Moderator: Olivier Libouban of Lingoport

Session B4
Dynamic Language Delivery
for Adobe’s Mobile Applications

Iouri Tchernoousko of Adobe
John O’Conner of Adobe
Ken Lunde of Adobe


Session A5
Building an i18n Department

Michael Kuperstein of Intel
Mike McKenna of Zynga
Tex Texin of Rearden Commerce
Danica Brinton of LocLabs
Moderator: Adam Asnes of Lingoport

Session B5
Optimizing Content
for Localization

Connor Robinson of Acrolinx
Moderator: Scott Schwalbach of VistaTec


Session A6
Mobile Apps and Games
Globalization Panel

Video Recording

Danica Brinton of LocLabs
Talia Baruch of Copyous
Mike McKenna of Zynga
Moderator: Adam Blau of Lingoport

Session B6
Twitter: Building i18n Tools
to Assist Localization, Translation
Quality and  Community Engagement

Video Recording

Nico Sallembien of Twitter
Lena Zúñigaof Twitter
Thomas Arend of Twitter
Moderator: Orlando Shih of Jonckers  

Session A/B7: Panel Discussion: Internationalization and Localization Process – How to Make Your Organization Global Aware

Presenters: Jean-François Vanreusel of Adobe, Kent Grave of Cisco, Tex Texin of Rearden Commerce, Michael Kuperstein of Intel, Salvatore Giammarresi of Yahoo!
Moderator: Adam Blau of Lingoport
2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference Closing
Food, Drinks, and Networking along with IMUG
Monthly IMUG Meeting: 2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference concludes with a networking and discussion evening with IMUG, the International Multilingual User Group. This event is free of charge and anyone is welcome to join. Additional information is available at: https://events.imug.org/events/46973782/.
More Networking and Open Bar

Register for 2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference


How to stay informed about 2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference? Bookmark this page or check back frequently as this page will be updated on a regular basis. You are also invited to join our mailing list. Your contact information is strictly confidential with us and you’ll receive the latest updates about this and other events right in your inbox.


Session Descriptions

Session A1: Internationalization Customer Case Study

It is challenging to change the course of a large and extremely active development team to support internationalization. In this interactive session, Tex Texin, Chief Globalization Officer at Rearden Commerce and Nico Posner of LinkedIn will discuss how they have worked to analyze, architect and implement extensive internationalization work at their companies.

Session B1: ROI: Right On In (to the C-Suite!)

Why is ROI for internationalization still a thorn in the side of product and engineering managers at many software companies? What challenges do they face when defining and measuring it? How can service partners best facilitate the ROI exercise for their customers? What works and what doesn’t? Panelists will answer these questions and more as they engage the audience in direct discussion.

Session A/B2: Integrating Internationalization with Localization

Most of the time, we’re internationalizing toward a localized release. Yet, we often talk of one without the other and there are many grey tasks in between. In this session we’ll give examples from Cisco’s globalization efforts with TelePresence, Intel’s work supporting globalization, and Lingoport’s experience integrating internationalization services with localization activities for faster time to market.

Session A/B3: Demo Derby

Fast and furious, demo derby participants will be limited to 10 minutes to demonstrate their technologies. We’ve chosen several software applications that provide productivity power to i18n and L10n. Expect quick action and not much PowerPoint. Time will provide for Q&A for each presenter. This is a great way to catch up on what’s new in software for your profession.

Session A4: Internationalization Scorecard

Internationalization leaders from Adobe, Zynga, Autodesk and Lingoport worked together and individually to build an i18n scorecard system so that managers and engineers on development teams would have guidance and ratings for their applications global readiness in summary presentation form. This has proven to be an effective way to monitor and implement internationalization focus. Panelists will present how they have implemented the scorecard and the results.

Session B4: Dynamic Language Delivery for Adobe’s Mobile Applications

Adobe’s Globalization team will present their recently developed Community Translation and Dynamic Language Deployment technologies, which, in combination with Adobe’s localization framework, have made it possible to deliver updates of localized assets to users on applications installed on a variety of mobile platforms.

Session A5: Building an Internationalization Department

A powerful approach and commitment to software globalization can include building an internationalization team that works among different development endeavors to guide and assist with internationalization and localization engineering concerns. In this session we’ll discuss how those teams are built, skills needed, commitment from management, how teams are received and the results from their activities.

Session B5: Optimizing Content for Localization

Good quality content that is optimized for search engines is key to the success of a localized product, website or software application in a global market. This session dives into the reasons why poor source content hinders the localization process and what the cost implications can be.  Knowing these challenges, we’ll review key best practices and checklists to optimize content before translation begins.

Session B6: Twitter: Building i18n Tools to Assist Localization, Translation Quality and  Community Engagement

Twitter users all over the world have helped us translate Twitter into their languages. This community model has been part of our translation process since 2009 – and it has been growing stronger in the past year, fueled by our translation console – Twitter’s Translation Center, built by our engineers to assist localization across different clients and to be used by translators, moderators, Twitter employees, including engineers. We believe this model allows wsers incorporate cultural and linguistic factors based upon the uniqueness of our terminology. It is a process where all translations are submitted by and voted on by the community.

Session A6: Mobile Apps and Games Globalization Panel

Mobile apps and games have their own accelerated global impact as smart phones, tablets and computers blur their distinctions. Yet, mobile apps are by nature customer facing and localization demand is high. Products range from games to front ends to sophisticated back end systems. Panelists will discuss business efforts and technical processes for internationalizing games and apps.

Session A/B7: (Panel Discussion) Internationalization and Localization Process – How to Make Your Organization Global Aware

Though we may work at companies with different degrees of global focus, it’s still important to build and emphasize global thinking among developers, managers, sales and marketing. There remains resistence, uncertain requirements, and uncoordinated directives that can cause expensive release delays (or cancelations) and hold back winning new customers. In this session, the presenters will share what’s worked (and hasn’t) in championing and delivering global products.


2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference features two-tracks and more than ten internationalization and localization oriented presentations, roundtables, and panel discussions. We will be updating this page with the bios of confirmed speakers on a regular basis and invite you to learn more about them right here:

Thomas Arend, Ph.D.
International Product Lead at Twitter

Thomas Arend, Ph.D. International Product Lead at TwitterBefore joining Twitter, Thomas led Mozilla’s mobile effort as the Principal PM. Prior to Mozilla, he led important initiatives at Google for five years, driving the company’s localization in 40+ languages and launching “Google Translator Toolkit”, a community-based translation tool that supports almost 400 languages and dialects. Thomas also changed the face of the Google homepage for hundreds of millions of users with background image personalization. Previously, Thomas was at the IBM Research Center and at SAP, where he developed SAP’s mobile technology, and acted as a strategic consultant to the CEO and the executive team. At SAP, Thomas launched the world’s first mobile business application for a Tablet PC device in 2001.

Thomas holds a Masters degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Berlin Technical Institute. He earned his PhD degree in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction in 2003.

Paul-Henri Arnaud
Globalization Process Analyst at Autodesk

Paul-Henri Arnaud Globalization Process Analyst at AutodeskPaul-Henri Arnaud (Autodesk, Inc.) is a senior process analyst on the localization services engineering team at Autodesk Development Sàrl in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. With over ten years’ experience at Autodesk and 17 years in the industry, he is a specialist in aiding development teams design, implement and test globalized applications that are used by millions of design professional worldwide. Previously, at ViewStar Corporation, he was a key contributor to the creation and enabling of the first German, French and Japanese versions of business process and document management software. Paul-Henri holds a B.Sc. in electrical engineering and computer science from U-C Berkeley.

Adam Asnes
President & CEO of Lingoport

Adam Asnes founded Lingoport in 2001 after seeing firsthand that the niche for software globalization engineering products and services was underserved in the localization industry. Adam Asnes President & CEO of LingoportLingoport helps globally focused technology companies adapt their software for worldwide markets with expert internationalization and localization consulting and Globalyzer software. Globalyzer, a market leading software internationalization tool, helps entire enterprises and development teams to effectively internationalize existing and newly developed source code and to prepare their applications for localization.

Talia Baruch
Independent Localization Consultant and Founder of Copyous

Talia Baruch Independent Localization Consultant and Founder of CopyousTalia Baruch is an independent localization consultant and founder of Copyous. Her work focuses on the client’s improved performance and return on investment in the global marketplace. Talia has 23 years of experience in the industry, building and managing enterprise localization programs for small to extra large companies such as Google, Hewlett-Packard, Adobe, Cisco, Starbucks, Corbis Images, OpenTable and Blurb, to name a few. Talia is a frequent guest speaker at localization conferences and an avid contributor at internationalization round tables. Her focal expertise is in cross-cultural communication, brand internationalization, content readiness and glocal strategy. Talia has an MA in Hebrew-English translation and a BA in English and French linguistics from the Tel Aviv University. She is a University of California, San Diego-certified copyeditor and marketing-creative copywriter.

Adam Blau
VP of Sales at Lingoport

Adam Blau is an experienced globalization executive and overseer of Lingoport’s growing account base and global outreach strategy. Adam, having lived in Germany for over nine years, is a fluent German speaker with a knack for travel. Previously, Adam worked at Milengo, where he oversaw their worldwide sales team residing in North and South America as well as Europe. Adam received his degree in economics and German from Bates College in Maine and holds a Strategic Sales Management certificate from the University of Chicago. A connoisseur of culture, Adam loves to travel (logging over 100,000 miles in 2011) and cook.

Danica Brinton
President, LocLabs

Danica Brinton of LocLabsDanica Brinton is a founder and President of LocLabs, an agency specializing in international product management and international production of applications and games. A 7+-year Apple preferred vendor, LocLabs are responsible for internationalization and localization of some of the largest social and mobile games and applications today, bringing unique new and breakthrough solutions to the field. Danica is a frequent speaker and lecturer on topics of international market strategies and production tactics.

Shamus Dermody
Business Development Manager at Alchemy Software Development

Shamus Dermody Alchemy Software DevelopmentShamus Dermody joined Alchemy Software Development in early 2008 and currently has responsibility for Alchemy Software business development in the US and APAC regions mainly. Shamus has 12 years’ experience in the Software Internationalizationlocalization industry. In 2000 he completed the graduate diploma in Software Localization at the University of Limerick, followed by six years in the Localisation Engineering Department of Vivendi Universal Games Ireland. Shamus’s role at Vivendi Universal included extensive onsite internationalization consultancy with many international developers. He has extensive experience in cross-platform localization and the challenges which this presents.

Salvatore Giammarresi
Senior Director of Localization Engineering at Yahoo!

Salvatore Giammarresi, Senior Director of Localization Engineering at Yahoo!Salvatore Giammarresi is Senior Director of Localization Engineering at Yahoo! responsible for global corporate localization strategy, localization vendor management, localization processes and localization tools. Previously he was Vice President of Products at HomeGain.com; an independent localization consultant; Director of International Product Management at Homestore.com; Senior Localization Manager at Kana Software; and Engineering Program Manager at Electronics for Imaging. Salvatore holds a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Palermo (Italy) where he has been a Visiting Professor teaching localization, computer assisted translation tools and global product marketing and management. He is the author of a University- level textbook on CAT tools and has published several papers on localization and applied linguistics.

Kent Grave
Program Specialist i18n and L10n at Cisco Systems

Kent Grave of CiscoKent Grave is an internationalization and localization Management Consultant and has worked with global software for over 20 years managing large-scale projects in Europe, Asia and the United States for IBM, Siebel Systems, Microsoft and now Cisco. Kent has been involved in all aspects of providing global software over the years and areas of primary interest are efficient and consistent internationalization strategy and best practices as the backbone of timely and high-quality localization. Kent grew up in Denmark and moved to California in 1990. He has an MBA in international technology management and a master’s in marketing to complement a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Michael Kuperstein
Localization Engineer, Global Language Solutions, Intel Corporation

Michael Kuperstein of IntelMichael Kuperstein has been working deep in the trenches of many localization projects, produced in partnership between Intel’s in-house localization group and Intel business units. Michael was hired by Intel in 1996 as a software engineer, later transferring to Intel’s localization team in 2001 as the dotcom bubble burst. He wears many hats as a localization engineer, software architect, application developer, tool wrangler, speaker, group historian, and all around go-to / fix-it guy for software internationalization. Armed with a vast array of creative concepts, software tools, internal social networking sites, defect reports and screenshots, financial data, and presentations, Michael is on a mission to evangelize proper internationalization and localization at Intel.

Olivier Libouban
Globalization Lead at Lingoport

Olivier Libouban Globalization Lead at LingoportOlivier Libouban has worked in the software industry for nearly three decades as a software engineer and project manager for start-ups as well as large corporations. A native of France, Olivier has wide ranging experience in the United States, France, Switzerland and Norway with work in research and development departments as well as client projects of all sizes and complexity. Olivier has a Diplôme d’Ingénieur from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in France and a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Olivier is a sought after internationalization presenter and teacher… and also has a great sense of humor!

Ken Lunde
Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems

Ken Lunde Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe SystemsDr. Ken Lunde has been working for Adobe Systems, headquartered in San Jose, California, for over 20 years, and is currently a senior computer scientist in CJKV Type Development. Ken has authored numerous articles, papers, and Adobe Tech Notes, along with the following three books: “Understanding Japanese Information Processing” (O’Reilly & Associates, 1993), “CJKV Information Processing” (O’Reilly & Associates, 1999), and “CJKV Information Processing” Second Edition (O’Reilly Media, 2009).

Michael graduated from Santa Clara University in 1998 with a degree in Finance, and in 2005 graduated from the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University with a Masters in Business Administration.

Mike McKenna
Senior International Engineering Manager at Zynga

Mike McKenna Senior International Engineering Manager at ZyngaMichael is a specialist in globalization of applications and distributed systems with over two decades of internationalization experience. He is a licensed professional engineer with extensive experience consulting or leading globalization projects for a number Fortune 500 companies and has a background in global e-commerce, application design, database internals, distributed bibliographic systems, test engineering, global product management, and ethnographic research. He is currently in an engineering leadership position with the International Production team at Zynga Inc.

Geoff Mock
Customer Success Manager at Cloudwords

Geoff Mock Customer Success Manager at CloudwordsAs Customer Success Manager, Geoff is devoted to helping Cloudwords customers realize their localization goals, all from quality, cost savings, and process improvement perspectives. Geoff started in the localization industry in 2004 with an LSP called Transware, now part of WeLocalize, and has been with Cloudwords since its formal launch in early 2011. His passion is applying cloud-based technology to answer today’s localization industry challenges.

John O’Conner
Globalization Architect at Adobe

John O'Conner Globalization Architect at AdobeJohn is a Globalization Architect at Adobe, focused on developing and implementing best practices for delivering world-ready applications in the cloud. He represents Adobe on the W3C Internationalization Core Working Group, is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and is a co-author of the recently published book “Java 7 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach.”

Nico Posner
Principal International Product Manager at LinkedIn

Nico Posner Principal International Product Manager at LinkedInNico Posner is Principal International Product Manager and Senior Manager, Self Service and Product Operations at LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. Nico focuses on growing LinkedIn’s international presence through building flexible features and superior user experiences that meet the different needs, goals and expectations of professionals worldwide, including multiple language support. He also manages a team focused on delivering world class help content to LinkedIn members through customer operations and the LinkedIn site. Prior to LinkedIn, Nico spent many years at eBay building products and leading product and marketing teams in international, search, selling and new business. Nico holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and speaks English, German and Spanish.

Rebecca Ray
Senior Enterprise Globalization Strategist at Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

Rebecca Ray Senior Enterprise Globalization Strategist at Common Sense Advisory, Inc.A former Rotarian Scholar and Silicon Valley veteran, Rebecca has also co-authored a book for global high-tech companies on doing business in the United States. She was most recently managing editor for the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA). Based in Turkey, she has lived and worked in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America for many years. Rebecca has a B.A. from Hanover College and a M.A. from Indiana University in the U.S. Rebecca Ray has focused on designing, testing, adapting, and marketing software outside of the U.S. since 1980. She has managed worldwide product design, localization, and marketing for successful products sold internationally by IBM, Netscape Communications, Remedy Systems, Symantec Corporation, and Sun Microsystems. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish, and proficient in Portuguese and Turkish.

In her work at Common Sense Advisory, Rebecca’s primary focus is enterprise globalization, social media, multilingual SEO, and global product development. Her other coverage areas include outsourcing, testing, multimedia localization, and internationalization.

Leandro Reis
Senior Program Manager, Globalization at Adobe Systems

Leandro Reis Senior Program Manager, Globalization at Adobe SystemsLeandro Reis has held engineering and program management roles with the Adobe globalization team since 1996, although his introduction to the world of globalization happened in 1991 at Microsoft (Redmond). He currently manages Adobe’s World-Readiness program, whose goal is to elevate the level of internationalization of Adobe’s products by coordinating the contributions of 80+ localization project managers, localization engineers, localization QE, globalization architects and globalization product managers to deliver internationalization assessments (globalization report cards), recommendations for improvement, educational materials and consultation to Adobe’s product teams. He recently launched the team’s first blog (https://blogs.adobe.com/globalization) in multiple languages. For a good part of the last decade, he has led the localization engineering teams working on the Creative Suite, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere projects. He holds a B.S. in computer science from San Jose State and is a certified project manager by Stanford University.

Connor Robinson
Senior Solutions Consultant with Acrolinx

Connor Robinson Senior Solutions Consultant with AcrolinxConnor Robinson, Senior Solutions Consultant with Acrolinx, has worked in the localization and content development industries for 19+ years. He has collaborated closely with a wide variety of automotive, e-commerce, information technology and life sciences companies to deliver global-ready products and services. He has held positions as translator, terminologist, project manager, programme manager and solutions architect with Lionbridge Technologies, Xerox Language Services and Psion Computers. Connor holds a bachelor’s degree in Computational Linguistics and Modern Languages and is fluent in English and German.

Nico Sallembien
i18n Manager, Translation Center Lead at Twitter

Nico Sallembien i18n Manager, Translation Center Lead at TwitterNico Sallembien of Twitter is an experienced software engineer with in-depth experience of the localization and internationalization process. At Twitter, he built the community translation platform at https://translate.twttr.com and integrated all of Twitter’s products into this new translation infrastructure. Nico helped launch Twitter in an additional 16 languages, while maintaining the existing languages quality through major redesigns of the site. He previously worked for Google, Ariba, and Borland.

Mattias Schroeter
Business Development Manager at Moravia

Mattias Schroeter Business Development Manager at MoraviaMattias Schroeter resides in Hunterdon, NJ and has 15+ years in localization and International Business experience and was brought into Moravia in 2011. He speaks and studied German at NYU and has studied Localization at the University of California.

Scott Schwalbach
Director of Global Solutions, VistaTEC

Scott Schwalbach Director of Global Solutions, VistaTECScott Schwalbach has been in the localization industry for over 27 years, working on both the vendor and client side of the business. He has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco to name a few in such positions as Software Localization Engineer, Localization Program Manager, and Group Program Manager. Scott has also worked for large language service providers such as Lionbridge, SDL, and is currently the Director of Global Solutions for VistaTEC.

Orlando Shih
Program Manager at Jonckers

Orlando Shih, a program manager with Jonckers, has more than 13 years of professional experience as an award-winning journalist, TV producer, localization manager, and APAC marketing project manager in the US, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. The highlights of her past experience include face-to-face interviews with guests such as the President of Taiwan, and the founder of Alibaba, as well as moderating an influential Chinese TV program that was viewed by 500 million globally. Shih’s academic background includes: Economics, Broadcasting Journalism, and Marketing.

Kent Taylor
General Manager at Acrolinx

Kent TaylorKent Taylor defines himself as a Recovering Pubs Director and a 30-year enterprise publishing veteran, experienced in all aspects of information development and delivery, with a strong focus on people, process, technology, and quality. And, he is always seeking the Holy Grail: cost, quality, and timeliness – all at the same time!



Iouri Tchernoousko
Sr. International Program Manager at Adobe

Iouri Tchernoousko Sr. International Program Manager at AdobeIouri is experienced in project/program management of development work, with an emphasis on internationalization. His specialties include software localization and internationalization, translation, graphic design; project/program management.


Tex Texin
Chief Globalization Architect, Rearden Commerce, Inc.

Tex Texin Chief Globalization Architect, Rearden Commerce, Inc.Tex Texin has been providing globalization services including architecture, strategy, training, and implementation to the software industry for many years. Tex has created numerous global products, built internationalization development teams, designed best practices, and guided companies in taking business to new regional markets. Tex is also an advocate for internationalization standards in software and on the Web. He is a representative to the Unicode Consortium and on the steering committees for open source software. Tex is the owner/author of the popular www.I18nGuy.com.

Jean-François Vanreusel
Director of Product Localization at Adobe Systems

Jean-François Vanreusel of Adobe SystemsJean-François Vanreusel, director of product localization, leads a global team of bright international program managers, engineers and quality engineers responsible for driving the localized releases and world-readiness support for all Adobe products. Jean-François joined Adobe Systems in 1998. During his tenure in the company, he has directly driven localization engineering projects for products such as Photoshop, Framemaker, Premiere and GoLive. He was instrumental in creating Adobe’s world-readiness framework to measure, track and plan internationalization support in Adobe’s products. Jean-François has participated in small and large acquisitions with the role of facilitating the integration of both companies from a globalization perspective. Jean-François holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in computer science from the Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix in Namur, Belgium, and an MBA from the Haas School of Business from UC-Berkeley.

Lena Zúñiga
Localization Project Manager at Twitter

Lena Zúñiga Localization Project Manager at TwitterLena Zúñiga is currently a Localization Project Manager for New Languages and the Twitter Translation Center. Before joining Twitter she worked with non-profits and international development organizations as a project manager and social researcher. She conducted social research in the use of technology for advocacy and action, and Open Source software communities in the developing world.

Sponsors and Exhibiting Opportunities

2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference features a limited number of sponsoring / exhibiting opportunities. We’ve kept the registration fee for this conference extremely low in order for as many industry professionals to be able to attend this event and therefor rely in some way on sponsors to make this possible.

Please contact Chris Raulf @ craulf@lingoport.com or by phone @ 303. 444.0637 (US) if you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting.

We’d like to thank the following sponsors for their support. It’s greatly appreciated!

Acrolinx provides enterprise solutions to connect content and communication for organizations of all sizes. Whether it is corporate messaging, outsourced content development, or user-generated information about a company’s products and services, Acrolinx drives enhanced productivity, enabling companies to communicate with a single, unified voice from every corner of the globe. Built on a strong linguistic foundation, the sophisticated Acrolinx technology enables you to analyze, measure, and improve your content, resulting in consistent and effective customer communication in every market. Successful companies including Adobe, IBM, Philips, and Siemens rely on Acrolinx as their foundation for content communication. For additional information, please visit: https://www.acrolinx.com.



Moravia Worldwide is a leading provider of translation, localization and testing services. Their globalization solutions enable companies to enter global markets with high quality localized products and services that meet the language and functionality requirements of local customers in any locale. Moravia Worldwide has large regional production centers in Brno (Czech Republic), Nanjing (China) and Rosario (Argentina). These are supported by local offices and production centers in North America, Japan, China, Ireland, and throughout Europe. For additional information, please visit: https://www.moraviaworldwide.com.



VistaTEC was founded by industry veterans and has evolved into a highly technical, client-focused organization. As a leader in software localization (l10n) and globalization (g11n) services, VistaTEC’s success is linked in part, to its inherent ability to optimize process for each client.

Not married to any one technology, VistaTEC maps onto their clients’ current requirements and customizes a process that is both time and cost efficient. This requires open-ended solutions that allow for the integration of new technologies and close collaboration with the customer’s localization team to plan accordingly for future requirements. This is why clients come back to VistaTEC time and again. Learn more about VistaTec at: https://www.vistatec.ie.



At Rearden Commerce, our mission is to perfect commerce by connecting buyers and sellers through absolute relevance.

We offer a suite of integrated e-commerce apps that allow consumers and businesses to purchase virtually any product or service. These smart apps correlate the preferences, location and circumstances of a user with the unique availability and capabilities of merchants to deliver the most relevant, engaging and valuable experiences to users and merchants alike, driving repeat business and unparalleled customer loyalty. Learn more about VistaTec at: https://www.reardencommerce.com.



Alchemy Software Development is the leading provider of Software localization Technology. Alchemy technologies are the world’s most recognized visual localization technology with 80% of the world’s largest software companies using Alchemy CATALYST to accelerate entry to international markets, improve revenue growth opportunities, and reduce their costs.

With over 25,000 licenses worldwide, Alchemy CATALYST is the dominant choice among professional development companies, localization service providers, and global technology leaders including Apple, Amazon, Siemens, Philips, GE, Volvo, John Deere and Canon. Learn more about Alchemy at: https://www.alchemysoftware.com/.



Jonckers helps companies release products and services into international markets as efficiently and effectively as possible through a full suite of localization services — adapting the linguistic, cultural and technical aspects of products, services, documentation and communications.

By creating user experiences that feel so natural they draw customers in and keep them, Jonckers empowers companies to increase revenues by carving out a niche in the global supply chain. Learn more about Jonckers at: https://www.jonckers.com.



With over 18 million new words translated each year and a constant sales growth since 2003, e2f translations has become the largest English to French translation agency in the World.
Our offices in the Silicon Valley, France, Mauritius and Madagascar provide around-the-clock service to our worldwide client base. We translate exclusively into French (France and Canada) and have extensive experience in many industries. Learn more about e2f translations at: https://www.en2fr.com.



Cloudwords, the leading on-demand language management platform for organizations conducting business globally, is revolutionizing the translation industry. Cloudwords empowers customers with the innovative tools needed to simplify their translation management initiatives. Backed by cloud computing pioneers including Marc Benioff, the Company’s platform includes unmatched scalability, security and ease-of-use. For more, visit: https://www.cloudwords.com/.


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GALA Globalization & Localization AssociationThe Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is a non-profit membership association for the language industry, providing resources, education and research for companies working with translation services, language technology and content localization.  GALA member companies are vendors and buyers of language services and technologies from over 290 companies in 50 countries.  Member companies deploy sophisticated multilingual strategies and proven tools to take content and products to markets around the world.  Visit www.gala-global.org.



MultiLingual Computing, Inc., publishes MultiLingual, the magazine for people and companies with business needs that span cultures and languages. Published eight times a year in print and digital format, the magazine has readers in more than 85 countries who learn about global websites, localizing products, translation, managing content and more. Current industry information and event notices are provided on our website www.multilingual.com and in our free biweekly electronic newsletter, MultiLingual News. We also co-produce Localization World, a conference and networking event dedicated to the language and localization industries. For additional information, please visit https://www.multilingual.com.

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