2013 i18n & L10n Conference: What to Expect, Part 1

The 2013 i18n & L10n Conference is coming up in just over a month!2013 i18n & L10n Conference To prepare everyone for the March 14th event in Santa Clara, California, we will share what to expect from many of our exciting presentations in the weeks leading up to the event. This week we look at a few internationalization-centric presentations as well as what to expect from this year’s fast and furious Demo Derby.

First, some General Information:

Date: March 13-14, 2013
Location: Techmart Meeting Center, Santa Clara, CA
Training:Internationalization training will be held before the conference (see curriculum).

Session A1: Squashing the Top-10 Most Common World Readiness Bugs

Michael Kuperstein from Intel leads us off with a presentation that “will explore how and why internationalization methods can be used to squash the top-10 most common world-readiness failures.” A localization veteran, Kuperstein has been instrumental in creating a partnership between Intel’s in-house localization group and the Intel business units. At last year’s conference, Kuperstein presented as part of the Integrating Internationalization with Localization panel and presented on Building an i18n Department. Both presentations are accessible from the 2012 Conference Video Library.

For more on this presentation and Michael Kuperstein, visit the official Internationalization and Localization Conference page.

Session A2: Case Studies: L10n/i18n at Marin Software & Adobe

Knut Grossman of Marin Software and Manish Kanwal of Adobe join forces  to discuss how their product development teams deal with the ongoing push and pull between L10n and i18n. Grossman has worked in most every aspect of localization: audio, video, documentation, animation, art, web content, & software, and now works with Marin Software to follow their principal “any user must be able to login and work in any country from any platform in any language and process data created in any locale setting.” Kanwal is a program manager with Adobe and noted presenter and author of many Project Management Best Practices at GALA.

For more on this presentation, visit the official Internationalization and Localization Conference page.

Session A/B3: Demo Derby

This is not your typical product demonstration. Presenters are capped at a maximum of ten minutes to demonstrate their technologies before they are rudely cut off to make time for Q&A. If you like to watch your presenters sweat, this is the place. Below is the Demo Derby from last year’s conference:


Early-bird registration for the conference ends next week, and we are expected to sell out! Register at https://www.regonline.com/2013-internationalization-localization-conference

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