2013 i18n & L10n Conference: What to Expect, Part 3

The Second Annual Internationalization and Localization Conference is coming up in just three weeks!2013 i18n & L10n Conference To prepare everyone for the March 14th event in Santa Clara, California, we will share what to expect from many of our exciting presentations in the weeks leading up to the event. This week we look at how volunteer localization is done at Wikimedia Foundation, an adventure in internationalization, and get the expert’s take on i18n QA.

Early-bird registration prices end Friday, February 22nd, so register now!

First, some General Information:

Date: March 13-14, 2013
Location: Techmart Meeting Center, Santa Clara, CA
Training: Internationalization training will be held before the conference (see curriculum).
Hashtag: Stay up to date with #2013i18n

Session B2: Volunteer Localization at Wikimedia Foundation

Siebrand Mazeland of Wikimedia Foundation joins us to describe how crowd sourced internationalization and localization efforts work for websites in over 280 languages, including Wikipedia. Mazeland and his team have been working to bridge the gap between software development and localization as an open source translation community since 2005 and have helped assimilate the Wikipedia movement into new languages.

Follow @translatewiki, and learn more at the Internationalization and Localization Conference page.

Session A4: i18n Case Study: an Adventure in Internationalization

Internationalizing a decade’s worth of code enhancements for a high volume web application? Sounds like an adventure! Becca Gronau of Elsevier will give the developer’s perspective of what it’s like to internationalize an application from start to finish. After joining Elsivier in 2003, Gronau honed in a specialty in multi-tier web development and acted as lead architect for internationalizing a large, industry leading, web application.

For more on this presentation and Becca Gronau, visit the Internationalization and Localization Conference page.

Session A6: i18n QA Panel

Learn what it means to be truly internationalization compliant from experts Tex Texin, Kent Grave and Paul-Henri Arnaud.

Texin has been a part of numerous i18n teams, guiding companies into taking business in new markets, and is an advocate for i18n standards across the web.

Grave has worked with globalized software for over 20 years, managing large scale projects across Europe, Asia and the U.S. for the likes of IBM, Siebel Systems, Microsoft and Cisco. His work stems from a consistent internationalization strategy and stresses best-practices as the backbone of high-quality localization.

Arnaud is a senior process analyst on the localization engineering team at Autodesk. His specialties lay in testing globalized products to be used by millions of design professionals worldwide.

Early-bird registration for the conference ends on Friday, and we are expected to sell out! Register at https://www.regonline.com/2013-internationalization-localization-conference

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