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2013 Internationalization and Localization Conference

2013 Recorded sessions are available for viewing here.

Bridging the Gap Between Software Development and Localization March 13 and 14, 2013.

Save the dates!

Lingoport is pleased to announce the return of our i18n and L10n conference, which was a greater success than we ever anticipated in its first run. For the next conference, we’re going to focus on practices, processes and technology that helps development and localization become more in tune with requirements and successful practices of releasing software that works gracefully for users worldwide.


Conference presentations are posted (see agenda below). Presentations will be in line with the theme of the conference, Bridging the Gap between Software Development and Localization. See below for detailed descriptions of each session.

Conference schedule:

Day 1, March 13: Technical internationalization training (View Curriculum Below)
Day 1 evening, March 13: Open reception
Day 2, March 14: Conference sessions attendees may elect to attend the training, conference day, or both.

For more information, please email events(at)lingoport.com.

*Presentations will be recorded and made available to all conference attendees free of charge.

Slideshow from 2012 Conference

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Techmart Meeting Center
5201 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, California 95054-1122 United States

Registration & Pricing:

  • Internationalization Training, March 13: $750 US
  • Conference Day, March 14: $199
  • Both: $800 (Register for Training and select “I’ll also attend the main conference”)

2013 Conference Recordings Available Here

i18n Training Agenda

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

8:00–9:00 Registration and Breakfast
9:00-9:30 Session 1: Introduction
9:30-11:30 Session 2: Major Concept – exercises 1, 2. Locale, Bundles, Date/Time formats, Calendars, Message Formats, Time Zone, Currencies, Locale Strategies.
11:30-12:30 Session 3: Writing systems, Unicode – exercise 3. Writing systems, Encoding, Unicode, glyphs, String handling, Collation, BreakIterator, boundaries.
12:30–1:30 Lunch and Networking
1:30-2:30 Session 4 (continued): Writing systems, Unicode – exercise 4. Writing systems, Encoding, Unicode, glyphs, String handling, Collation, BreakIterator, boundaries.
2:30-3:30 Session 5: User Interface Issues – exercise 5. LtR, RtL, Mirroring, Text sizes, Pseudo-Localization
3:30-4:00 Session 6: Input methods – setup LtR, RtL, Mirroring, Text sizes, Pseudo-Localization
4:00-5:00 Session 7: i18n issue detection and resolution in code
5:30 We round out the day with networking, dinner, and drinks.


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Opening Reception

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

5:30-8:30pm: Opening Reception: Drinks, Food and Networking

Conference Agenda: March 14, 2013

View our video library from the 2012 Conference.

Registration and Breakfast
Opening Talk
A1: Squashing the Top-10 Most Common World-Readiness Bugs

Michael Kuperstein of Intel

Adam Asnes of Lingoport
B1: How Central Visibility of Translation Metrics and Process Changes an Organization

Michael Meinhardt of Cloudwords

Amanda Mork of Cloudwords
A2: Case Studies: L10n at Marin Software & Adobe

Knut Grossman of Marin Software
Manish Kanwal of Adobe
Lily Wen of Adobe

Olivier Libouban of Lingoport
B2: Volunteer Localization at Wikimedia Foundation

Siebrand Mazeland of Wikimedia Foundation

Adam Blau of Lingoport
11:15-12:15 A/B3: Demo Derby

Adam Asnes of Lingoport
Lunch Break – Lobby
A4: i18n Customer Case Study: An Adventure in Internationalization

Becca Gronau of Elsevier
Adam Blau of Lingoport
B4: Sprinting to the Finish: 7 Tips for Successful Localization with Agile Development

Emma Young of Acclaro
Lydia Clarke of Acclaro
A5: How to Drive Efficient Customized Localization with Agility and Intelligence

Michael McKenna of Zynga

Tex Texin
B5: Going Global in the Age of Agile Technology: Smartling Accelerates HotelTonight Expansion


Andrey Akselrod of Smartling
Russ Taga of HotelTonight
A6: i18n QA Expert Panel

Tex Texin
Kent Grave
Paul-Henri Arnaud

Adam Asnes of Lingoport
B6: Seven Tips to Maximize the Value of your Translation Memory Assets through a Transition

Adam Jones of SimulTrans
A/B7: Bridging the Gap Between Software Development & Localization Panel

Michael Kuperstein of Intel, Michael McKenna of Zynga, Nelson Ng of Paypal and Becca Gronau of Elsevier

Renato Beninato of Moravia
2012 Internationalization and Localization Conference Closing
Food, Drinks, and Networking
Monthly IMUG Meeting: Technology for Bridging Development and Localization
Learn more at https://events.imug.org/events/95268882
More Networking and Open Bar

Session Descriptions

A1: Squashing the Top-10 Most Common World-Readiness Bugs

What’s the quickest way to squash bugs? Definitely not a flyswatter, right? Using manual testing to create a world-ready product would be like using a flyswatter. To battle the bugs, let’s bring on the bug zappers and whole-house bug bombs! Relying on manual testing alone is far too uneconomical and risky for modern product development. Several modern methods have been developed for efficient software internationalization. This presentation will explore how and why internationalization methods can be used to squash the top-10 most common world-readiness failures so that publishing your software to the world can be an exciting, satisfying, and profitable experience.

B1: How Central Visibility of Translation Metrics and Process Changes an Organization

Cloudwords CEO, Michael Meinhardt will introduce the latest in multilingual content technology and Ei-Mang Wu, Sr. Global Product Manager at Marketo, will discuss how cloud technology is changing the way Marketo works across translation, marketing and product teams. Marketo trusts Cloudwords to optimize their global translation process, so Marketo can focus on building the world’s leading marketing software.  Leading companies fundamentally understand that they need to reach new global revenue opportunities quickly, and the only way to scale their process is to use innovative technology.

A2: Case Studies: L10n/i18n at Marin Software & Adobe

Marin: Business software, especially in the constantly changing environment of online marketing, requires a tighter than ever collaboration between L10n and i18n, between project management and engineering. This session will discuss how Marin follows the principle of “any user must be able to login and work in any country from any platform in any language and process data created in any locale setting”.

Adobe: Product Development Teams are increasingly becoming sensitive to the needs of internationalizing the products upfront. However legacy products who are years old, find it difficult to make code changes at a later stage. This presentation takes an example of some the market leading products that Adobe offers, explains the problems and how they are tackled.

B2: Volunteer Localization at Wikimedia Foundation

Today,  there are Wikipedias in 280 languages, and Wikimedia Incubator contains projects in over 100 more languages. Internationalization was always largely supported by volunteer developers, simply because the Wikimedia Foundation had always had a very small budget, and there were always higher priorities to deal with. In August 2011 the Wikimedia Foundation created the Language Engineering team, hired out of the volunteer community. This presentation will go in depth on how Wikimedia Foundation crowd sources as much as possible in the i18n and L10n areas, while keeping a relatively small team of people in house that ensures that the frameworks to allow distribution are created and maintained.

A/B3: Demo Derby

Fast and furious, demo derby participants will be limited to 10 minutes to demonstrate their technologies. We’ve chosen several software applications that provide productivity to bridging the gap between software development and localization. Expect quick action and not much PowerPoint. Q&A time is allotted for each presenter.

A4: i18n Case Study: An Adventure in Internationalization

One team’s experience internationalizing an industry leading, high volume, web application with a decade’s worth of code enhancements.  Explore start to finish what steps were taken and lessons learned.  Come hear from a developer’s perspective what it really took to internationalize an app.  It’s not as scary as you may think.

B4: Sprinting to the Finish: 7 Tips for Successful Localization with Agile Development

In agile development, everyone works together in a very fluid way, sprinting to the finish by tackling continual releases and every-changing assignments. But what happens when your software or web app needs to move into new language markets? How do you successfully integrate localization into an already fast-moving process? We’ll review 7 practical tips to help you fold in localization into an Agile development environment, ensuring that your new language markets don’t get lost in the race to the finish line.

A5: How to Drive Efficient Customized Localization with Agility and Intelligence

Ford recently introduced the concept of a Flexible Assembly System to allow efficient production of customized hybrid vehicles with a combination of body styles on one assembly line.  In the same way, localization of software can be run efficiently by utilizing common platforms, common processes, flexible technology, and finely tuned resource management.  This session will look deeper into each of these aspects and shed light on how Zynga is able to support a constant flow of new global games while supporting a strong mix of multilingual production games with daily releases of thousands of words.

B5: Going Global in the Age of Agile Translation: Smartling Accelerates HotelTonight

Smartling has built an agile translation management platform that guides customers through these steps to accelerate their global expansion efforts. Hear firsthand from HotelTonight a marketplace for last-minute hotel rooms, how they rolled localized versions of their app in French, German and Spanish – and how their engineering is integrating translation into their development process.

A6: i18n QA Expert Panel

Tex Texin, Kent Grave and Paul-Henri Arnaud will offer state of the art tips and lead an interactive discussion on best practices for internationalization QA. They will offer key insights into pseudo-translation, English as just another language, and testing of time zones. Join us and challenge the panel and colleagues with the your most difficult and intriguing problems. Learn how these experts and others in the industry are tackling the same issues you face.

B6: Seven Tips to Maximize the Value of your Translation Memory Assets through a Transition

Many companies lose significant savings in translation memory leveraging after making a change in development environment, release strategy, or authoring tools.  As companies move to Agile development, XML-based documentation, and globalization management systems, they often neglect the impact on the usefulness of their legacy translation memories.

During this session, we will give seven tips to maximize the value of your translation memory assets through a transition.  By employing these suggestions as your organization evolves, you will benefit from increased memory leveraging, leading to cost savings, faster localization time, and greater consistency. We will provide examples using a variety of translation memory tools, none sold, endorsed, or manufactured by SimulTrans.

A/B7: Bridging the Gap Between Software Development & Localization Panel

We wrap up the day with an expert panel to share their recommendation for how change, better support, or create your global development structure to achieve global readiness. The panel will discuss how to get started, how to improve, how to measure, what results will be expected, and what changes are necessary in an organization.


Paul-Henri Arnaud
Globalization Process Analyst at Autodesk
Paul-Henri ArnaudPaul-Henri Arnaud (Autodesk, Inc.) is a senior process analyst on the localization services engineering team at Autodesk Development Sàrl in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. With over ten years’ experience at Autodesk and 17 years in the industry, he is a specialist in aiding development teams design, implement and test globalized applications that are used by millions of design professionals worldwide. Previously, at ViewStar Corporation, he was a key contributor to the creation and enabling of the first German, French and Japanese versions of business process and document management software. Paul-Henri holds a B.Sc. in electrical engineering and computer science from U-C Berkeley.
Andrey Akselrod
CTO, Smartling, Inc.
Andrey AkselrodAndrey comes to Smartling from his role as VP, Technology at SpaFinder, where he developed and maintained the site and eCommerce platform in 6 languages. Previously, he held executive positions at RunTime Technologies and consulted for JP Morgan Chase, where he was responsible for eCommerce, digital asset management, data warehousing and other large-scale projects. He’s a native Russian speaker. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Brooklyn College and lives in New Jersey with his wife and children. He’s passionate about all things technology, and a good cup of coffee.
Adam Asnes
President & CEO at Lingoport
Adam AsnesAdam Asnes founded Lingoport in 2001 after seeing firsthand that the niche for software globalization engineering products and services was underserved in the localization industry. Lingoport helps globally focused technology companies adapt their software for worldwide markets with expert internationalization and localization consulting and Globalyzer software. Globalyzer, a market leading software internationalization tool, helps entire enterprises and development teams to effectively internationalize existing and newly developed source code and to prepare their applications for localization.

Renato Beninato

Chief Marketing Officer at Moravia
Renato BeninatoRenato is an international business analyst and strategist. He has served on the executive teams for some of the industry’s most prominent companies, and co-founded the first market research company focusing on the language services space (Common Sense Advisory). He was the President and is currently an Advisor to ELIA (European Language Industry Association) and also a Board Member of Translators without Borders, a non-profit organization that provides translations for NGOs.

Adam Blau

VP of Sales at Lingoport
adam-blauAdam Blau is an experienced globalization executive and overseer of Lingoport’s growing account base and global outreach strategy. Adam, having lived in Germany for over nine years, is a fluent German speaker with a knack for travel. Previously, Adam worked at Milengo, where he oversaw their worldwide sales team residing in North and South America as well as Europe. Adam received his degree in economics and German from Bates College in Maine and holds a Strategic Sales Management certificate from the University of Chicago. A connoisseur of culture, Adam loves to travel (logging over 100,000 miles in 2011) and cook.
Lydia Clarke
Program Manager, Acclaro
Lydia ClarkeAs a Program Manager in Acclaro’s San Francisco office, Lydia helps clients develop and execute successful globalization strategies. Lydia has held project management, technical lead, and senior engineering positions with Acclaro and other localization firms. With ten years of experience in the industry, Lydia has successfully localized a wide variety of software, web, multimedia, documentation, and search projects. Lydia holds a BA from Cornell University with additional concentrations in Latin American studies and international relations.
Kent Grave
Program Specialist i18n and L10n
Kent GraveKent Grave is an internationalization and localization management consultant and has worked with global software for over 20 years managing large-scale projects in Europe, Asia and the United States for IBM, Siebel Systems, Microsoft and Cisco. Kent has been involved in all aspects of providing global software over the years and areas of primary interest are efficient and consistent internationalization strategy and best practices as the backbone of timely and high-quality localization. Kent grew up in Denmark and moved to California in 1990. He has an MBA in international technology management and a master’s in marketing to complement a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
Becca Gronau
Application Architect, Elsevier
Becca GronauBecca Gronau is an application architect working for Elsevier, Inc. with 15 years development experience.  A graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Becca started her career with Electronic Data Systems (since acquired by Hewlett Packard) as a software engineer.  While at EDS, Becca worked with various technologies from mainframe, to desktop, to web applications.  After transitioning to Elsevier in 2003, Becca honed a specialty in a multi-tier web development.  Becca has recent experience as the lead architect responsible for internationalizing a large, industry leading, web application.
Knut Grossman
Localization & Globalization Expert at Marin Software
Knut GrossmanFor the last 22 years, Knut Grossmann was involved in practically every aspect of localization: audio, video, documentation, animation, art, web content, and software. He started off as a freelance translator, continued to work as a project manager, and then as localization manager for companies like Consilium, NeXT Computer, and Maxis. When Maxis was bought by Electronic Arts, he continued as the Localization Director, working on such world renowned titles like Sim City and The Sims. Recently, he worked at Sony Online Entertainment as Executive Director of the International Group, and later as the principal consultant of his own firm, Games Without Borders. He now manages all localization and internationalization efforts for Marin Software, a company that provides software solutions worldwide for marketers and agencies in the online advertising business.
Adam Jones
Chief Operating Officer at SimulTrans
Adam JonesAdam oversees SimulTrans’ worldwide operations, including project management, translation, engineering, testing, multilingual publishing, account management, and marketing.  Adam has spent over 19 years directing the company’s customer outreach efforts, internal production groups, and other operations.  Relevant to this topic, Adam’s first role at SimulTrans involved analyzing projects and optimizing translation memory leveraging; he led the company’s implementation of various translation tools, including WorldServer.  Adam regularly gives training presentations at conferences of the Society for Technical Communications, the American Translators Association, the Software & Information Industry Association, and other groups.  Adam previously worked in Strategic Accounts at Oracle Corporation and as a high school English teacher.  He holds BA and MA degrees from Stanford University, in Public Policy and Education.
Michael Kuperstein
Localization Engineer, Global Language Solutions, Intel Corporation
Michael Kuperstein of IntelMichael Kuperstein has been working deep in the trenches of many localization projects, produced in partnership between Intel’s in-house localization group and Intel business units. Michael was hired by Intel in 1996 as a software engineer, later transferring to Intel’s localization team in 2001 as the dotcom bubble burst. He wears many hats as a localization engineer, software architect, application developer, tool wrangler, speaker, group historian, and all around go-to / fix-it guy for software internationalization. Armed with a vast array of creative concepts, software tools, internal social networking sites, defect reports and screenshots, financial data, and presentations, Michael is on a mission to evangelize proper internationalization and localization at Intel.
Olivier Libouban
Globalization Lead at Lingoport
Olivier LiboubanOlivier Libouban has worked in the software industry for nearly three decades as a software engineer and project manager for start-ups as well as large corporations. A native of France, Olivier has wide ranging experience in the United States, France, Switzerland and Norway with work in research and development departments as well as client projects of all sizes and complexity. Olivier has a Diplôme d’Ingénieur from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in France and a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Olivier is a sought after internationalization presenter and teacher… and also has a great sense of humor!
Mike McKenna
Senior International Engineering Manager at Zynga
Mike McKenna of ZyngaMichael is a specialist in globalization of applications and distributed systems with over two decades of internationalization experience. He is a licensed professional engineer with extensive experience consulting or leading globalization projects for a number Fortune 500 companies and has a background in global e-commerce, application design, database internals, distributed bibliographic systems, test engineering, global product management, and ethnographic research. He is currently in an engineering leadership position with the International Production team at Zynga Inc.
Michael Meinhardt
President & CEO, Cloudwords
Michael MeinhardtWith more than twelve years experience in the translation and localization industry, Michael Meinhardt, CEO and Co-founder of Cloudwords, helps companies go global by streamlining their translation strategy. Prior to Cloudwords, Meinhardt worked with organizations across various industries to localize their product, marketing, and training materials for the first time. He has also advised enterprise customers regarding their global translation strategy, including Cisco Systems, Hitachi Data Systems, Apple and Symantec.
Nelson NG
Director of Globalization Technology at PayPal
With 29 years of experience in developing globalized systems, including building the first internationalized versions of Solaris & Hotmail and migrating eBay Marketplace to UTF-8 Nelson Ng has
helped a number of companies define and execute strategies for global expansion.
Russ Taga
VP of Engineering at HotelTonight
Russ TagaRussell Taga is VP Engineering at HotelTonight, a travel start-up up with a mobile-only focus that helps people to find last minute hotel rooms they’ll love at a great price. Russ has worked for a mix of start-ups and big companies over the past 14 years including Spartan Software, Howcast Media, Adobe, Cisco, Idiom, and Accenture.

Tex Texin

Chief Globalization Architect
Tex TexinTex Texin has been providing globalization services including architecture, strategy, training, and implementation to the software industry for many years. Tex has created numerous global products, built internationalization development teams, designed best practices, and guided companies in taking business to new regional markets. Tex is also an advocate for internationalization standards in software and on the Web. He is a representative to the Unicode Consortium and on the steering committees for open source software. Tex is the owner/author of the popular www.i18nGuy.com.
Emma Young
U.S. West Coast Operations Director, Acclaro
Emma Young Acclaro As the U.S. West Coast Operations Director for international localization agency Acclaro Inc., Emma Young manages client relationships, localization endeavors and sales. She has 15 years of localization experience, with expertise in testing and QA, account management and operations. Learn how Acclaro helps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures at www.acclaro.com

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