Software Localization Strategies for 2024

Webinar Recorded

Wed, February 14, 2024

Duration: 30 minutes (+ live Q&A)

9 AM Pacific | Noon Eastern | 18:00 CET

Come and join this chat with industry veterans Paula Hunter and Oleksandr Pysaryuk. We will talk through the challenges that software localization faces in 2024 and explore strategies to fight those.

🔊 Speakers

Paula Hunter, Globalization consultant (ex-Motorola, Video Security Unit)

Oleksandr Pysaryuk, Senior Manager, Globalization technology at GitLab

Host: Adam Asnes, CEO at Lingoport

🎙️Key Topics:

  • Adapting to Market Speed: Strategies to balance innovation and growth in a resource-constrained environment.
  • 2024 Localization Trends: Explore the cutting-edge trends in localization.
  • Soft Skills in the AI Era: Identifying essential soft skills for localization managers to thrive in an AI-dominated landscape.
  • Content Integrity and AI: Strategies for ensuring brand reputation is maintained in AI-assisted content translations.

📅 Date: February 14th (Wednesday)

Time: 9 AM Pacific, Noon Eastern, 18:00 CET

Watch the recording!

Webinar Recording

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