5 Minute InContext QA Demo

InContext QA is the fastest and easiest solution to perform and manage Linguistic QA of localized applications. It only takes five minutes to demonstrate the entire process.

How much faster would your localization review process be with InContext QA?

InContext QA keeps localization reviewers focused on page that customers will see, rather than translation lists and screenshots. Remove the dependence on iterative bug fixing, tracking down files for corrections and updating. Make it easy for QA teams, localization vendors and in-country stakeholders to provide translation input that’s quickly managed and approved. There are no proxies or proprietary libraries to limit your development. Yet it can work in conjunction with your translation memories, TMS and localization vendor portals.

InContext QA makes linguistic updates so fast and simple, that they can be part of every sprint, rather than going to backlog purgatory. Making globalization quality easy with InContext QA supports success for every locale.

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