Webinar: Software Globalization Testing and Remedies, Thu, October 13, 2022, 12 ET

Webinar: 5 Steps to Create a Software Globalization Culture

How do we create a culture within our organizations, where team members proactively think globally to develop products that are optimized for internationalization and localization? And how do we optimize for the unique needs of worldwide users and partners?

In this webinar recording, Lingoport and special guest Vistatec analyze the most most effective ways to bridge the gap between G10n needs, understanding, & support to foster a forward-thinking globalization culture within your own organization..

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A Powerhouse of Localization Experience

In this webinar recording, we hear from Adam Asnes, CEO of Lingoport, Olivier Libouban, VP of Product Development at Lingoport, and Elizabeth Riley, Solutions Architect at Vistatec, each industry veterans with 15-20+ years of localization experience.

Elizabeth has worked in localization since 2003. She has held various positions with translation and localization service providers from roles in linguistic QA to L10n business development to her current role at Vistatec, focusing on solutions architecture.

Topics We Cover:

      • Winning ways of getting the globalization message out
      • Proving the globalization point
      • Systems to measure i18n, and enhance L10n speed and collaboration
      • Gaining visibility within your organization
      • Repeating the message
      • Being part of the plan
      • Engaging stakeholders and gaining budget

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