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Announcing New, Advanced Features in Lingoport Suite

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Lingoport is pleased to announce a series of new features in Lingoport Suite, the market’s leading solution for software internationalization and localization management, with billions of lines of code scanned. The new features improve a development team’s ability to seamlessly and efficiently launch agile software for international markets.

With Lingoport Suite, your software development team can eliminate chaos, avert rework, and launch exceptional global software with greater visibility, reliability, and scalability. The new features focus on areas of collaboration, continuous integration, and security.

Software Internationalization and Localization

What’s New

Better Collaboration: The past few years have brought about an explosion of collaboration platforms such as Slack, helping to connect teams more effectively than ever before. To help your software development become a well-oiled collaboration engine, Lingoport Suite messaging is now integrated in these new collaborative tools.

LingobotEven cooler, we’re introducing everyone to a new friend, Lingobot. Teams can query and command Lingobot for status and functions, even using natural language.

Continuous Integration: High-performance software teams now depend on dynamic agile development, with simple and fast deployment and processing. In response, we’ve introduced new features that accelerate the onboarding of new projects.

Enhanced Security: In addition, the need for security is always intensifying, and with that in mind, we’ve made a number of security enhancements to satisfy the security needs of startups to enterprises.


Please note that the webinar took place on August 22, 2017, but you can view the recording here:

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