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Webinar: Lean Localization Innovation Webinar Series

Software localization is a widely reported friction point and is ripe for innovation. Developers usually want to focus on features while the localization team is at a disadvantage trying to keep up and have their message understood. In this 2-part webinar series, we’re going to discuss innovations and new technologies to realize a faster and […]

Lingoport Suite – New releases, Machine Translation and More

We are pleased to announce the latest new releases of Lingoport Suite products, including enhancements to Globalyzer and Lingoport Resource Manager (LRM). Lingoport Suite products work together to integrate internationalization (i18n), localization and QA together with modern agile development practices and continuous engineering systems. With so many software companies realizing substantial growth using language and […]

Lingochat | Join L10n Industry Leaders for Peer Discussions

What is Lingochat? “Lingochat” is a weekly small group discussion, created to share ideas, troubleshoot issues, and help identify to solutions to problems. The groups are intentionally kept small so that everyone has an opportunity to interact and participate, and attendees will primarily be localization specialists and managers.  There is no cost and the only […]

N7M Puzzle Challenge

Welcome to the Lingoport numeronyms puzzle challenge.  Numeronyms are spelled with letters and numbers.  For example, the numeronym for internationalization is i18n and localization is L10n. Here is an example of how the puzzles work.  You will be given a phrase written in numeronyms and you will have to decipher it: It is f1n to […]

September Webinar: Creating a Happy Path for Agile Localization

Applying Agile Practices for Continuous i18n & Localization We’re going to have a special guest for our September webinar who doesn’t come from a localization background. Rachel Weston Rowell is a well known agile development coach with a busy practice. She’s focused on helping companies improve their agile processes and continuous development. I’m excited about the fresh […]

InContext QA Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Boulder, CO August 8, 2018 – Lingoport has released new software, InContext QA 1.0. InContext QA dramatically simplifies Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA), so that localization of software can be edited directly on application pages and easily managed by linguistic reviewers and localization teams, disrupting tedious and time-consuming traditional LQA processes. InContext QA […]

5 Minute InContext QA Demo

InContext QA is the fastest and easiest solution to perform and manage Linguistic QA of localized applications. It only takes five minutes to demonstrate the entire process. How much faster would your localization review process be with InContext QA? InContext QA keeps localization reviewers focused on page that customers will see, rather than translation lists […]

Top 5 i18n Summer Reading Picks

Perhaps you’re feeling a tad guilty about reading that tawdry novel while on the beach? Here’s some highlighted reading from our globalization archives that will balance things out for you: 1) The Fastest Growing Global Markets of 2018 Around vacation time everyone likes thinking about travel. There’s no better time to review which of the […]