JavaScript Internationalization – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Whitepaper

i18n Summer Reading 4

There are many standard practices to follow when implementing proper internationalization (i18n). For those looking to understand the details of proper i18n when coding in JavaScript we’ve put together this white offering. Download “JavaScript i18n-the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” whitepaper, which will allow you to leverage the expertise of Lingoport’s experts to improve your i18n … Read more

Feature Release: Lingobot IDE – make the i18n workflow even more efficient

For those looking to get through their i18n (internationalization) workflow in less time, we are introducing a new feature. Lingobot will now be accessible within development’s IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) such as Eclipse, IntelliJ, or Microsoft Visual Studio. Meaning users can now push i18n commands, check on L10n (localization) status and more directly within their … Read more

Lingoport Releases Globalyzer 6.1: Machine Learning and more


Breakthrough for Software Internationalization with Machine Learning TLDR: Globalyzer finds and fixes internationalization issues that are complex and important for creating software for worldwide customers. Highlights: New machine learning accelerates i18n issue detection accuracy, lowers false positives More intuitive tuning than existing methods Faster time to global releases 5/14/18 For Immediate Release Lingoport has released … Read more

Globalyzer 6.1


Machine Learning and New Bot Assistance Enhance Software Internationalization Lingoport is releasing a major update to Globalyzer, which helps globally focused technology companies develop software that is internationalized to support worldwide languages and cultural formats. The release leverages machine learning to help developers pinpoint internationalization (i18n) issues in code faster, with more intuitive controls. Lingoport’s … Read more

New Webinar: Highly Effective i18n Planning

Watch Lingoport’s webinar, Highly Effective i18n Planning. During the webinar, we advise you on a step-by-step planning methodology for achieving a reliable software internationalization (i18n) process. Webinar Date/Time: Date: May 29, 2018 Time: 9am Pacific | 12pm Eastern | 17:00 CET Duration: 30 minutes, plus audience Q&A Step-By-Step i18n Planning There are many ways that i18n … Read more

How to Identify an Internationalization (i18n) False Positive | Lingoport

false positive

What is a false positive ‘False Positive’ is a common term used when dealing with any automated checking system when an error is reported and the user deems that it doesn’t need to be fixed. You have likely run across a false positive or ‘false alarm’ when working with a grammar check in a word … Read more

Phasing Software i18n and L10n: What’s Right for Your Company?

i18n Phases

Going global is a big step. Moving from the massive challenge of getting a company off the ground and past the initial challenge of proving that your idea can work has already put your company in a league beyond most. Aside from incidental web traffic and interest from new countries and regions, for many companies, … Read more

A Serious Lack of Internationalization Measurement & Management in the Software Industry

Internationalization Measurement

Lingoport recently conducted a survey titled The State of Continuous Internationalization & Localization. Through the process, we received 121 responses from members of the industry. State of the Industry Webinar We highlighted the results of the survey during our webinar, The State of the Internationalization and Localization Industry, on February 28, 2018, and I invite … Read more

Apple’s i18n Bug Makes the News

Apple Bug

Apple’s iOS Character Bug and Internationalization (i18n) It’s rare that an i18n issue makes the news. In fact, in a meeting a few years ago with an i18n and localization team, one member lamented just that. “Nobody gets fired for a character corruption issue. That just doesn’t make the news.” The context was that security … Read more

Throwing it Over the Wall

Software i18n Disaster Story

Don’t fall into this simple trap when internationalizing for the first time that can cost years of work and millions of dollars! Our friend Steve, from Plodding Tech. was subject one such story. Steve knew Plodding Tech. needed to expand their market reach, but he felt his team was too busy to tackle the large-scale … Read more

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