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Webinar: How G11N Technologies Adapt to Agile Development Accelerations

Join us on Thursday, February 27th for our webinar, “How G11N Technologies Adapt to Agile Development Accelerations,” with special guest and 30+ year industry veteran, Ben Sargent, the Solutions Architect and Co-Founder of Group-Q. With development continuing to move faster and product teams being broken up with microservices architectures, software localization has to move faster and work […]

Common Misconceptions | What Lingoport Does & Doesn’t Do

It’s important to understand that software development has its own special challenges that impact localization efforts. When I go to conferences and speak with customers, I often find there are repeated misconceptions about what Lingoport does and doesn’t do. It’s understandable, as Lingoport is fairly unique in its technology and service efforts. Software development localization […]

An Interview About the Future of i18n and L10n with Tucker Johnson, Nimdzi

As part of Lingoport’s January webinar, “2020 L10n Planning – Technology Automation, Strategy & More” we interviewed our featured guest speaker, Tucker Johnson, Founder of Nimdzi and Author of the book “The General Theory of the Translation Company”. Tucker provides us with some quick insights into future of i18n and L10n in 2020.   What […]

Webinar: 2020 L10n Planning – Technology Automation, Strategy & More

We’ve seen big gains in localization efficiency and impact in the last 10 years. Technologies are getting better and people are getting wiser to the power of globalization. Discover how to up your L10n game in 2020 with insights into the leading technologies, opportunities, tactics, and more.     In this webinar, Lingoport CEO, Adam […]

New Lingoport Releases | Connectivity Dashboard Improvements & More

Boulder, CO December 11, 2019 – Lingoport releases significant updates to its suite of software, helping software teams and enterprises reach worldwide customers with internationalized and localized software. Lingoport Suite includes: Globalyzer for continuous internationalization (i18n) Lingoport Resource Manager (LRM) for localization automation updates from software repository to translator and back again, with no developer […]

An Interview About Globalization Culture with Elizabeth Riley, Vistatec

As part of Lingoport’s December webinar, 5 Steps to Create a Software Globalization Culture, we interviewed our featured guest speaker, Elizabeth Riley, Solutions Architect at Vistatec, to get some quick insights into the current state and future of localization. Elizabeth explores internal team processes and how cross-team collaboration is affected by technology and G10n knowledge/support […]

Webinar: 5 Steps to Create a Software Globalization Culture

How do we create a culture within our organizations, where team members proactively think globally to develop products that are optimized for internationalization and localization? And how do we optimize for the unique needs of worldwide users and partners? In this webinar recording, Lingoport and special guest Vistatec analyze the most most effective ways to […]

What is Continuous Localization?

More data and information has been discovered and recorded in the last ten years than in all of human history combined. Every day, millions of users access hundreds of millions of websites and interact with the online world and each other through technology. With technology’s wildly fast rate of evolution comes new challenges. How do […]

An Interview About L10n Customization with Paul Hegarty, Iota

As part of Lingoport’s October webinar, Bringing a Human Touch to Continuous L10n, we interviewed our featured guest speaker, Paul Hegarty, Head of Engineering at Iota, to get some quick insights into the current state and future of localization. Specifically, Paul explores how advances in automation technology is impacting the customization, speed, and quality of […]