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Bringing i18n Awareness to the Enterprise – via a Dashboard

A customer once told me that his organization had over five hundred dashboards to track progress and measure success based on key performance indicators (KPI) they had set. Yes that is right, five hundred. To leverage the long old cliché of “if it can’t be tracked, it can’t be measured,” and “what gets measured, improves,” companies are in a constant drive for operational efficiency, with respective stakeholders, priorities and KPI’s they want to track as part of that drive.  500 then doesn’t seem all that unreasonable if you think that a large organization has 75,000+ people and measure their respective process.

The software development and globalization groups that produce world-ready software are especially hard at work looking to fulfill the elusive but all aspiring goal of most “quality” with least amount of spend. Producing quality involves harmonizing processes across multiple disciplines, integrating systems and blending tasks with other groups to drive “improvement,” all within the magical realms that modern management and technology allows.

To really understand and share intelligence on all components involved in the release of world-ready products within the enterprise via dashboards, I could imagine a company requesting and asking the following to track and measure quality:

  • Translation Manager: How consistent and uniform is terminology in our content?
  • Localization Manager: Are we extending translation memory reuse consistently across languages?
  • Internationalization Manager: Are we making progress in reducing the most common i18n bugs in our software?

In this instance, there wasn’t a standard dashboard available to measure software engineering and refactoring of i18n projects, visible to both development teams and management. Much of the progress and intelligence companies have produced over the years have focused on localization-only process.

That missing piece will be filled over the next two weeks as Lingoport we’ll be announcing the official launch of the Lingoport Dashboard. Integrated and now standard with Globalyzer, it provides managers, engineers and management the ability to view and share intelligence on all components of coding quality for world-ready products within the enterprise, including:

  • A holistic view of software quality and compliance amongst all components to produce world-ready software
  • Continuous integration with Globalyzer’s Command Line for development and managerial teams to review violations and their priority for completion, scan summaries across i18n projects and errors.
  • Summary and in-depth analysis on internationalization progress, all in real-time.

The Dashboard reinforces Lingoport’s commitment to help enterprises shift the emphasis of globalization left by placing greater importance on ensuring software code is i18n compliant before localization and QA, and not afterwards. The first part of that component is driving visibility to the process, which may have previously been unknown to anyone at a company beyond the localization, QA or even customers.

We’re hosting two Lingoport Dashboard focused webinars in June and you are cordially invited to join us. Gary Lefman, Internationalization Architect at Cisco Systems, will be our guest presenter and we’re very excited to have him. If you don’t know Gary, make sure to follow his tweets at @CiscoL10n.

Targeting managers of software development teams, on Tuesday, June 19th at 11am PT, we’ll be presenting the Lingoport Dashboard in an hour long online session titled Internationalization Quality and Progress at a Glance. Learn more and register for this event by visiting: https://lingoport.com/webinars/internationalization-quality-i18n-progress/

On June 21st at noon PT, we’ll give software developers, program managers, and localization and internationalization managers the opportunity to learn how the Lingoport Dashboard could increase their productivity and also make it easier to report i18n progress to management. Learn more and register for webinar Analytics for Internationalization at: https://lingoport.com/webinars/analytics-internationalization/

Also, don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you’d like a personal demonstration of the Lingoport Dashboard.


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