Internationalization and Localization Case Studies

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Helping Technology Leaders Take on the World

Globally focused technology companies have turned to Lingoport to accelerate and improve how their software is built for world markets.

The following case studies are a sampling of Lingoport’s commitment to providing best-of-breed internationalization solutions to Fortune 500 enterprises as well as smaller technology firms with important globalization plans.

CiscoCisco Systems approached Lingoport for help meeting aggressive i18n requirements and deadlines for their critical TelePresence product. The effort involved using Globalyzer and i18n consulting services to enable this large application with multiple programming languages and a complex architecture to support a wide range of locale requirements.

Read the Cisco TelePresence internationalization case study.

Copyright Clearance CenterCopyright Clearance Center (CCC) was prompted to adapt their multi-tiered platform for a German customer they signed. They worked with Lingoport to address their i18n technical debt while supporting the concurrent development of new features.

Read the Copyright Clearance Center internationalization case study.

LanyonLanyon was challenged with supporting growing information interfaces that needed new multicultural requirements. By choosing Lingoport as their i18n vendor, Lanyon’s limited engineering resources were able to keep focusing on their core tasks. Read the Lanyon internationalization case study.

IronPlanetThis leading online marketplace for heavy equipment knew their global business prospects depended on a well-organized i18n initiative. They turned to Lingoport for a successfully internationalized release with fast market results.

Read the Iron Planet internationalization case study.

Internationalization case study with sycle.netApproached by a larger corporate investor/partner to take their hearing care practice care management application global, Sycle relied on Lingoport to analyze their code and augment their team to get the job done.

Read the internationalization case study.

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