Social & Mobile Apps and Globalization – Confessions of a g11n Veteran

I have been in the international-production, international-product-management and globalization business for over 12 years. Over the past four, I have been focused on online games, social and mobile games and applications. I realize that my continued focus on and fascination with this particular area has a lot to do with the instant gratification that results from globalizing in the social/mobile space. Sure I have seen great results from globalizing software, handhelds, CPU’s, search and web services, but the dramatic increase in the overall user base and revenue coming from localization of social games, mobile games and applications provides the best – and the most immediate – business case to invest in international expansion.

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Worldware: Software Static Analysis

This presentation from Adam Asnes and Olivier Libouban of Lingoport progresses from beginning an internationalization plan to actually implementing that effort. There’s a big difference

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Worldware Demo Derby: Globalization

Last month, four companies assembled at the Worldware Conference to discuss their innovative global products. In this rapid-fire presentation, Sagan with GCMS, Lingoport, acrolinx and

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Shrinking the Triangle

Good, quick, cheap – pick any two. Project managers will tell you this project triangle is the way it has to be. Fair enough in the short run, but there is a dynamic perspective to this particular triangle that static view will ignore.

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Building a Site for Worldwide Customers

The world is yours, or at least that’s the promise e-commerce offers. Get your products, services or information online and you can gain customers anywhere. It can be challenging, though, to build an active worldwide customer base that buys and comes back for more.

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Getting Excited About the Big Picture

In our industry there’s a great deal of well deserved tactical focus on technologies and processes. But remember, new concepts and ideas that evoke emotion move people, numerical evidence of efficiencies and incremental savings are usually, less persuasive.

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