What is Glocalization?

A popular new trend in language, it seems, is to combine two words to invent a whole new word. I first heard of glocalization in a

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Worldware Demo Derby: Globalization

Last month, four companies assembled at the Worldware Conference to discuss their innovative global products. In this rapid-fire presentation, Sagan with GCMS, Lingoport, acrolinx and

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Agile Challenges for Localization

This article was originally featured in the Jan./Feb. 2011 issue of MultiLingual Computing Magazine, in Adam Asnes’ Business Side column. Read article “Agile Challenges” on

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The Localization Technology Round Table Event Series

The Localization Technology Round Table brings together five industry leaders to present an open technology framework that speeds up time to market and drastically reduces your localization and translation costs.

Together, Lingoport, Acrolinx, Clay Tablet, Milengo and Asia Online will show how advanced, modular localization technology addresses the challenges faced when launching products or services to international markets in multiple languages.

You’ll learn the key considerations when taking an international product from design to launch through, Internationalization, Information Authoring, Content Management, Localization and Translation Automation.

And you’ll learn how this is achievable quickly, and with fewer resources, while maintaining a consistent brand and user experience that builds value, saves time and reduces costs.

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Internationalization and Canada

Canada represents one of the most accessible opportunities to test the waters of global expansion for companies which are new to adapting their software for worldwide customers. As I’ve written in nearly every one of these columns, internationalization and ultimately localization is driven first by business needs, partners, strategies and partners.

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