Software Globalization 
White Papers

Resource File Best Practices
Learn the best practices for L10n resource file creation and formatting.
i18n Quick Planning Guide
Software i18n involves many steps and is difficult to achieve efficiently and reliably without the proper step-by-step methodology. Use this guide to help you avert costly mistakes.
i18n JavaScript
This white paper details specific answers to issues around internationalizing JavaScript including: hard coded strings & locale-specific methods being unpredictable.
The State of Continuous Internationalization & 
Localization Survey Results
Uncover the results of our state of the industry survey, revealing the current status of i18n and L10n in agile development.
Continuous Globalization Whitepaper
Learn to effectively integrate internationalization and localization with agile.
Internationalization Projects, 
Not That Simple
How to address the unique challenges of an internationalization project.
Path to Agile Localization
Typical localization and Agile practices have not coexisted well in the past. Resisting change is not beneficial; learn how a state of Agile localization can be achieved.
Lingoport Resource Manager
Bridge the gap between development and localization with automated file management 
for rapid development cycles. 
Measuring Internationalization 
with Lingoport Dashboard
How globally oriented enterprises are now able to track, analyze and act on code quality data to avoid costly mistakes.
Keyboards and Internationalization
How to create a software-based keyboard that will map to any language.