Common Misconceptions | What Lingoport Does & Doesn’t Do

It’s important to understand that software development has its own special challenges that impact localization efforts.

When I go to conferences and speak with customers, I often find there are repeated misconceptions about what Lingoport does and doesn’t do. It’s understandable, as Lingoport is fairly unique in its technology and service efforts. Software development localization requires an engineering approach, rather than a linguistic skilled focus. So with that, here is a short list of what Lingoport does and does and doesn’t do:

Lingoport – What we do

  • Help companies make their software work globally in every sprint and release
  • Globalyzer finds internationalization bugs in source code
  • Lingoport Resource Manager (LRM) automates the movement of strings and files to/from TMSs/Translators. This keeps developers from having to do any localization file handling.
  • InContext Translation lets Translators view the user interface while translating
  • InContext QA – Lets reviewers see and modify translations from within the application itself going from screen to screen.
  • I18n Services – Lingoport provides i18n services, refactoring code to fix i18n issues or entire application i18n. We have a long history of assisting companies with global readiness.
  • Our software can be implemented as a hosted service or internal to your networks. The right choice will be specific to your company needs.

Lingoport – What we don’t do

  • Localization Services – We don’t translate – We are not linguists, we are software people. We do work well with our Localization partners and there is no need to change your LSP when you use our products or i18n services.
  • TMS – our LRM software automates UI strings to/from the TMS, but our products are not a TMS or CAT – InContext translation integrates with TMSs and CAT tools, but we don’t sell a CAT tool. LRM is integrated with MemSource, XTM, SDL TMS, SDL Worldserver and more.
  • Our LRM software is much more than a Git connector. It offers automated visibility and handling for enterprises (multiple products, lots of repos), metrics, file error detection, automation, Slack and Teams integration and much more.

These are just a few and I’ve left plenty of misconceptions out. Perhaps we can talk about what challenges and solutions relate to your business?


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