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Customer Success Webinars

Below are a number of presentations Lingoport has held with its respective customers on their various successes in working with Lingoport. We’d love to help with your internationalization endeavors. Let us know how we can help.
Lingoport & VMware: Globalization of Partner Central

Partner sales make up the bulk of VMware’s revenue. When VMware set out to globalize its partner portal site, there was a lot at stake to create a successful initiative. In this webinar, VMware describes how they worked along side with Lingoport, on optimizing requirements, development and their ongoing portal globalization process.

Analytics for Internationalization with Cisco’s Internationalization Architect Gary Lefman

There’s a saying, what gets measured gets improved. In this webinar, Gary Lefman of Cisco teams up with Lingoport in describing methods of measuring internationalization issues that block software localization, and how to measure them in a dashboard so that the data can bring about improvements.

Internationalizing & Localizing Cisco’s TelePresence – A Case Study

Cisco, along with Lingoport, discusses how internationalization was successfully undertaken and implemented together with Lingoport’s i18n development services. Cisco’s TelePresence is a leading meeting platform involving multiple hardware and software requirements and a large amount of source code that all needed to be internationalized. Read the Cisco TelePresence case study.

Supporting i18n Across your Organization with Intel

Hear how Intel provides centralized internationalization and localization support across their development teams using Globalyzer.

Lingoport & Cisco: Building an i18n & L10n Plan in your Organization
Learn how Cisco and Lingoport worked together to analyze and plan internationalization and localization efforts by building metrics and a clear path forward, while effectively gaining support and budget.[/sws_toggle2]

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