Feature Release: Lingobot IDE – make the i18n workflow even more efficient

For those looking to get through their i18n (internationalization) workflow in less time, we are introducing a new feature. Lingobot will now be accessible within development’s IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) such as Eclipse, IntelliJ, or Microsoft Visual Studio. Meaning users can now push i18n commands, check on L10n (localization) status and more directly within their development environment.

New Face for Lingobot

This new access point is a direct extension of Lingobot, which means developers have direct access to push commands through the Lingoport Suite without leaving their work environment. Lingobot has previously been available through collaborative tools such as Slack or Flowdock. Either method allows the team to leverage the power and benefit of Lingobot, at whichever point is most convenient, keeping them focused on the task at hand.

Project List


Lingobot functionality can be accessed via prompts with a command line which is a direct but unintuitive approach. This new access reaches beyond and can integrate a dropdown menu for i18n commands directly within the IDE. Meaning strings can be pushed for translation with a couple of clicks. This also means developers don’t need to reference a syntax guide any time they want to push an i18n command. The drop-down menu is easier to use and far more accessible.

Developers are now able to check for critical errors, pseudo-localize, view their projects, or even view the status of translations in a specific branch of their program without ever clicking away from their code.

Lingobot Menu Options


Lingobot will also track the status of translations in real time. This means even to check on the progress of a project developers won’t need to leave IDE. This also allows users to react more quickly. If users are waiting for the translation to come back before taking the next step in a project they can keep an eye on the progress in their work environment. This helps cement coordination with the localization effort, by not needing to click between applications. 

Lingobot Translation Status

Now anyone needing to access the power of Lingobot can do so directly through the Lingoport Suite, via their collaborative tool, or even directly in their IDE.

This new IDE access is but one feature to make i18n work for your company while your team spends less time working on i18n.

If you’d like to learn more about this or other features please contact us.


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