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Free Internationalization Webinar: Making Software WorldReady

Assess, fix and monitor internationalization issues in code

March 12, 2009
Noon to 1:15 PM Mountain Time (GMT-7)

NOTE: This Webinar has occured, but we will be providing a recording and making it available. Please register at the bottom if you’d like to be notified when the recording is available.

Attend this webinar and learn as we go through steps to assess and examine a few hundred thousand lines of code. As you might guess, we’ll be using Globalyzer 3.0 to do it, but rather than make this about a product demo, we’ll be working through internationalization coding issues and fixing them. This webinar will feature interactive technical discussions with our architectural team. Our past seminars have always filled up quickly, so sign up soon by emailing webinar@lingoport.com with your name, company and contact information.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • How to approach internationalization requirements within your large code base
    • Auditing your current code base for internationalization issues
    • Examining embedded strings, concatenations
    • Examining locale-limiting functions, methods and classes in multiple programming languages and database scripts
    • How to fix internationalization issues faster
    • Building an i18n project plan
    • Coordinating internationalization efforts among developers
    • Verifying internationalization automatically
    • Supporting internationalization across your enterprise on an ongoing basis

Be sure to sign up soon by sending an email to webinar@lingoport.com with your name, company and contact information.

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