Getting past conspiracies and sleeping better with continuous localization

Globalization research industry leader, Nimdzi, recently published a tongue-in-cheek infographic (see the Language Industry Conspiracy Chart) on the conspiracy theories that keep those of us in the language industry up at night. It got us thinking about what is on our minds when we are awake, staring as the clock strikes 2 a.m.

The speed of localization. It’s no secret that localization, at least in the past, has been a drag on development. This happened in the past because the localization effort most often didn’t even start until after development had finished – and it was a labor intensive process that held up releases and frustrated software teams. Not anymore. Lingoport’s suite of continuous globalization tools helps bring localization up to the speed of development. 

That DevOps believes that MT can replace translators. It can’t. Our innovative continuous localization tools are designed to assist translators – not replace them. Learn more about this in our blog about the continuous buyer’s journey with Luz Pineda, technical project manager of localization at Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company.

Terminology management is a waste of time. Nimdzi called this a “science denier” level for conspiracy. We just think it isn’t true. The fact is that localization is essential for global release of products in today’s world. Buyers are far more likely to purchase when products are culturally and language appropriate, says a recent study from Nimdzi.

Talking about these issues during our waking hours helps us to share that localization doesn’t have to be the headache that it was in the past. Monthly, we also get to talk to partners in industry, like Nimdzi, on our webinars. 

When you’re ready to sleep better because your localization is easier and moves at the speed of your development process, we are here to help. Reach out to schedule a demo today.


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Adam Asnes
Adam Asnes is the Founder and CEO of Lingoport, the industry leader in software internationalization products and services.
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