Globalyzer 4.0 Release

Lingoport is proud to announce the release of Globalyzer 4.0, the premier internationalization software, refashioning how developers support and manage internationalization from the root of development. The latest incarnation of Globalyzer features a completely reworked development workbench that may be installed as a stand-alone version or as a plug-in to an already existing Eclipse environment. This enables software developers the ability to run, modify and check i18n code quality within the development environment.

To kick off this release, we will be hosting a one-hour webinar on Thursday, April 19th at 11am PT led by Lingoport’s Globalization Lead Olivier Libouban. Registration is available at:¬†

In this demonstration, Libouban will internationalize a basic code repository while illustrating how to externalize, manage and pseudo-localize strings, how to correct locale-specific issues such as date and time, and account for general programming patterns that spark i18n issues. Those involved in streamlining their respective globalization process as well as program/project managers, i18n & L10n experts, development managers and software engineers are encouraged to attend.

Please submit any questions you have for the webinar to sthomas(at) You may also comment below by liking the post or inquire to @Lingoport.

To get a taste of how Globalyzer operates, view the Globalyzer tutorials section on See below for part one.


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Adam Asnes is the Founder and CEO of Lingoport, the industry leader in software internationalization products and services.
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