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Internationalization Software – Globalyzer 4.1 Webinar: i18n Accuracy and Priorities

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Globalyzer 4.1, Lingoport’s flagship internationalization software, enables software developers to check out source code, scan and fix internationalization issues, build, test and run with modifications, and check in changes, all within the development environment.

In this 30-minute webinar, attendees learned about the latest Globalyzer enhancements, including streamlined scanning and filtering processes, enhanced resource file management, as well as improved overall scanning efficiency.

Additional Globalyzer 4.1 enhancements discussed included:

  • How to refine Globalyzer Rule Set from within the Globalyzer Workbench
  • How you can prioritize your internationalization work
  • How to retain and prioritize strings passed to specified methods
  • How externalized strings are grouped by file in the resource file
  • How comments can be added to resource files and be preserved during subsequent string externalizations and more

If you are eager to bring i18n to the forefront of development and to perform i18n tasks all within one integrated environment, we encourage you to view the recording of this webinar. The live webinar was held on Thursday, July 19th at 9:30am PT.

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