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Globalyzer 4.6 released featuring enhanced JavaScript internationalization (i18n)


Boulder, Colorado – December 8, 2014 – Lingoport has released Globalyzer 4.6, the flagship component of its Globalyzer Suite for developing and maintaining applications for internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n) requirements. Key drivers for this release are to add more accuracy and assistance for finding and fixing internationalization issues in several popular development languages, with an emphasis on JavaScript, PHP and C#.

In our connected world it’s increasingly critical for technology-focused companies to support worldwide customers’ preferred languages and cultural formats such as dates, calendars, sorting, currency and more. These requirements are made complex by agile development practices that can force i18n and L10n into costly backlogs.

About Globalyzer 4.6, Gary Lefman, Internationalization Architect at Cisco confirmed, “This is a great set of improvements on the filtering side that will help to reduce the time it takes to weed out the false positives. The new string operand filters will be invaluable, and excellent work on the JavaScript rule set, too. I look forward to seeing 4.6 deployed at Cisco.”

“For this release, we focused on raising the bar for i18n static code analysis, particularly where we were seeing lots of difficulty. Some programming languages are more challenging to internationalize than others and we knew our customers needed more help.” explained Adam Asnes, Lingoport’s CEO.

Companies including Paypal, Intuit, Intel and Cisco use the Globalyzer Suite to monitor, manage and fix i18n issues that prevent or impede companies from releasing global-ready software. The Globalyzer Suite also monitors and manages changes to interfaces so that localization/translation can be efficiently updated and integrated into rapid development efforts common with agile methodologies.

To learn more about the Globalyzer Suite see: https://lingoport.com/software-internationalization-products/.

For the release notes, please visit: lingoport.com/globalyzer-release-notes/.

About Lingoport

Lingoport is a trusted resource to the world’s leading technology companies, helping software and complex websites perform gracefully in any language or locale. Lingoport’s Globalyzer Suite integrates with ongoing development to measure and fix source code for internationalization (i18n) defects, and automates the flow of localization to keep up with ongoing user interface changes. Additionally, Lingoport’s internationalization service offerings help companies meet challenging global release deadlines. For more information, please visit https://lingoport.com or contact Lingoport at sales@lingoport.com.

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