Globalyzer 5.1 Released: Enhanced Java i18n, Globalyzer Lite improvements

April 5, 2016 – Lingoport is pleased to announce its Globalyzer 5.1 release now on Globalyzer enables development teams to find and fix internationalization (i18n) issues in code during development rather than later during testing, localization and backlogs.

Highlights of the release include:

  • Finer control detecting and filtering locale-sensitive methods for Java
  • Globalyzer Lite and API enhancements and other improvements

There are many methods in Java that are capable of supporting locale formatting and processing. However if they are not actually passed the locale, they won’t work as expected. For example, a calendar class that is not locale-aware may default to US formatting (month/day/year), which can confuse the user. The new filtering lets teams set conditions that pinpoint these types of issues, while also reducing false positive reporting. A similar feature was implemented for string detection and filtering in version 5.0.

Globalyzer Lite and automated scanning via API continues to be heavily used for continuous internationalization in globally focused development teams. The 5.1 release adds scanning behaviors that were previously only available in the Globalyzer Workbench.

Lingoport has also enhanced i18n support for GitHub pull requests so that the scanning and fixing process measurement can be as close to the daily development work as possible. When an individual pushes contributions to the code, a pull request allows developers to review the changes before merging the modifications to the master branch. The Lingoport Suite can show i18n issues on those changes via the Dashboard. It’s much easier to fix a small amount of issues isolated to an individual developer’s contribution, rather than letting them accumulate for later – which sometimes never comes.

Globalyzer is part of the Lingoport Suite for finding, fixing and continuously supporting internationalization and localization for software development. It’s used by leading technology firms to deliver software that elegantly supports worldwide locale formats and languages. Lingoport Suite includes Globalyzer, Lingoport Dashboard, and Lingoport Resource Manager.

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About Lingoport…

Lingoport provides a software suite and professional services that enable globally focused companies to create and maintain software that works elegantly in every language and locale.

The Lingoport Suite includes Globalyzer Server, Workbench, Command Line and Lite, plus Lingoport Dashboard and Resource Manager. Working together, these products continuously monitor, fix and manage both internationalization and localization in each software sprint and release.

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