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Lingoport Releases New Versions of Internationalization Software: Globalyzer 4.3, Resource Manager 1.3 and Dashboard 1.3, Packaged Together as Globalyzer Express


Boulder, Colorado – September 24, 2013 – In an ongoing effort to make software internationalization (i18n) and Localization (L10n) easier and integrated into software development, Lingoport has released a coordinated update of all its internationalization software products, brought together in a new system, Globalyzer Express, for building and maintaining globalized software, supporting a wide variety of programming languages, databases and platforms.

With this combined release of all Globalyzer Express components, teams can share and report on projects and data easier than ever before. Globalyzer Express integrates with software development systems and uses Globalyzer’s i18n static analysis to measure and manage product development so that it supports worldwide languages and locale requirements, while also helping manage resource files so that they are updated for localization in every sprint and release. Combined, it’s a complete system for supporting ongoing software development for global customers and is particularly well suited for agile teams.

The improvements in Globalyzer 4.3 feature the sharing of projects among development team members to support collaborative i18n issue detection and fixing. Resource Manager improvements include further sophistication in change management and localization kit preparation. Dashboard updates add considerable enhancements in errors/issues reporting and assignment. Globalyzer Express supports a wide variety of programming languages and integrates with many build systems. Implementation can be hosted or behind the corporate firewall.

“Based on customer feedback, we have coordinated the release of all our products in a system that is easy to implement and makes supporting initial and ongoing software globalization straightforward. This gives visibility to developers and localization teams alike. Software is released faster for worldwide customers, with less backlogs for globalization issues,” explained Lingoport CEO, Adam Asnes

Lingoport will be hosting a webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Development and Localization, highlighting solutions using Globalyzer Express on October 16, 2012, for more information see Events at: https://lingoport.com

For Globalyzer Express please visit https://lingoport.com/software-internationalization-products/globalyzer-express/

About Lingoport

Lingoport is a trusted resource to the world’s leading technology companies in modifying software and web applications to perform gracefully in any language or locale. Lingoport’s internationalization software product suite helps companies check, measure and fix source code for internationalization (i18n) defects, then automates the flow of localization to keep up with ongoing development. Our extensive outsourced internationalization service offerings help companies meet challenging global release deadlines while augmenting development teams. For more information, please visit https://lingoport.com or contact Lingoport at sales(at)lingoport.com.


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