Globalyzer i18n Express – A Free i18n Analysis on GitHub

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Globalyzer i18n Express – A free i18n analysis on GitHub

    • Create software that’s ready for localization and the world
    • Find i18n issues in source code as you develop, before they become a problem
    • Super easy and fast way to get basic i18n code analysis for GitHub users
    • Free for now on the GitHub Marketplace

What is Internationalization (i18n) and Why Does It Matter?

I18n is the practice of writing software so that it will function well in any targeted locale. Locale will include language (translation) and formatting (i.e. date formats, sorting, character support and much more).

With access to global customers faster and easier than ever, attention to i18n and ultimately, localization is more important than ever. Global technology companies frequently report 50% or more of their revenues coming from outside home markets, and often, these are the same areas with the highest sales and user growth potential.

Software that is written without quality attention towards locale requirements will not make for a good user experience in new markets, and will likely create all kinds of translation and formatting bugs that are expensive and time consuming to fix later on.

I18n issues are not always as straightforward as telling your team not to embed or concatenate a string within the U/I. For example, a correct calendar class might be used, but a developer may forget to include locale. Like issues around security, there are mistakes that are made. Those mistakes are often found late or after any development cycle, making i18n issues especially expensive to revisit and fix.

Globalyzer i18n Express

Lingoport’s Globalyzer is used by many of the world’s leading technology companies to scale i18n support across their development teams.

Globalyzer i18n Express is a simplified functionality version of the full Globalyzer system, intended to help developers on GitHub get up and running with i18n analysis quickly and easily, and without necessitating IT department involvement. It is Lingoport’s intention to spread the adaptation of systematic i18n analysis, making it a measured and automated component of coding quality. For a limited time, we are making it available free from the GitHub marketplace.

Globalyzer i18n Express will detect:

  • Embedded strings
  • Concatenated strings
  • I18n unsafe methods, functions and classes for leading programming languages
  • Programming patterns, such as fixed fonts
  • Static files, such as images that could be locale dependent

Globalyzer i18n Express will find i18n issues in a wide range of programming languages, including Java, C#, JavaScript including variants for React, Node and jQuery, C++ and more.

See links for more information about Globalyzer i18n detection and programming language i18n support.

How Globalyzer i18n Express Works

Globalyzer i18n Express uses a basic set of Globalyzer capabilities, and it’s fast and easy to get i18n checking into GitHub projects. I18n Express uses basic Globalyzer rule sets to provide i18n detection to developer commits automatically as developers engage their usual workflow.

Getting Started

Step 1: Go to the GitHub Marketplace and select Globalyzer i18n Express:

lingoport globalyzer express github install


Step 2: Set up your plan

setup directions screenshot


Step 3: Get Started

lingoport globalyzer express github


Step 4: Work as usual, and after a commit, inspect any detected issues. For example:

i18n express github notes


For more information about Globalyzer as well as the Lingoport Suite, supporting continuous i18n, Localization (L10n) automation and Linguistic QA, please visit:


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