Harmonizing Technology, Localization, and Productivity Among Stakeholders and Contributors

Webinar Recorded

Thu, March 28, 2024

Duration: 30 minutes (+ live Q&A)

9 AM Pacific | Noon Eastern | 17:00 CET

Localization leaders in technology companies are tasked with finding balance among developer team expectations, management’s budget constraints, and translator efficiency.

Each stakeholder group presents its own unique set of needs, concerns, and success criteria. 

But what drives these diverse groups? How can technology be leveraged to meet their needs and bring them together? And which processes are most effective for organizing streamlined, global releases?

In this webinar, we will discuss and show (live) how you can utilize technologies and processes to meet the needs of each stakeholder and contributer.

🔊 Speakers
Adam Asnes, CEO at Lingoport
Olivier Libouban, VP of Products at Lingoport

🎙️Special guest:
Nathaniel Goodyer, Trados Enterprise Business Process Analyst at RWS

📅 Date: March 28th (Thursday)

Time: 9 AM Pacific, Noon Eastern, 17:00 CET

Webinar Recording

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