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We provide internationalization and localization products and services that help your organization build world-ready software that’s easily localized in every sprint and release.

About Our Company

Since 2001, Lingoport has been helping companies internationalize and localize their software using our suite of products and expert i18n services. We specialize in solving the development challenges of internationalization, localization and testing all keeping up with fast pace of agile development. Our products are used by some of the worlds’ best known global technology companies, as well as upcoming challengers. Our customers use our software to scan and process billions of lines of code and make globalization more efficient and eliminate hassles.

Whether your team is comprised of 20 or 200,000 developers, we’ve got you covered. Our clients rave about our responsiveness and support, and even our ability to help your business transform the way you approach global software development. Our technology and i18n expertise help you bring development and localization together, fueling your worldwide growth.


Reimagine the software internationalization process. Based on our extensive experience, Lingoport has created a flexible methodology to help you tackle internationalization and localization issues using our Lingoport Suite and our internationalization consulting services.

Through Continuous Globalization, launch higher-quality global software with greater visibility, reliability and scalability. No more relying on manual spreadsheets. No more unscalable processes. No more lack of visibility into your code’s global readiness. Eliminate globalization backlogs and countless hours of wasted time on post-release debugging. With Lingoport’s solutions, identify i18n issues upstream, automate the process, and take control of the quality of your global software.

How to Reach Us

Lingoport, Inc.
3180 Sterling Circle
Suite 201
Boulder, CO 80301 USA

Phone: +1.303.444.8020

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