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Globalyzer 4.7 – Targeting i18n for Enterprises and JavaScript for Global Users


Boulder, Colorado – May 5, 2015 – Today, Lingoport released Globalyzer 4.7. Globalyzer helps software development adapt, create and maintain products so they are internationalized in every sprint to support localization, locale formatting and data presentation. Globalyzer analyzes and fixes internationalization (i18n) issues for 14 programming languages plus multiple variants.

Key features of Globalyzer 4.7 include:

  • a new API to further facilitate continuous globalization/integration
  • LDAP support for premium enterprise customers
  • improved default rule set controls, especially for JavaScript and Objective C, along with help enhancements on locale-unsafe methods, functions and classes.

Globalyzer can be licensed on its own or as part of the Lingoport Suite. Lingoport Suite bundles Globalyzer for continuous i18n analysis, Dashboard for metrics, status and managing, and Resource Manager to track, automate, manage and verify content changes and updates to software that require translation for global markets. Lingoport Suite enables continuous globalization, where software development is automatically monitored and managed so products work elegantly for global customers.

The rapid pace of product development complicates keeping up with myriad challenges and pernicious time sinks around software globalization. Results clearly demonstrate that people prefer sites, apps and products that work elegantly in their language and cultural format. Globalyzer 4.7’s new API provides an additional method to integrate internationalization directly in developers’ path without stepping out of their workflow. This enables easy tracking and fixing of internationalization issues during development rather than falling into the backlog. The addition of LDAP support lets enterprise clients manage user permissions.

“Continuous globalization in development is catching on with our customers, so we will continue to enhance ways to facilitate that for enterprise development practices. And the dramatically increased popularity of JavaScript, Node.js and AngularJS creates specific and difficult internationalization problems that our clients need help solving,” explained Adam Asnes, Lingoport’s CEO.

Globally-focused software companies including Intuit, Paypal and Cisco use Globalyzer and the Lingoport Suite to monitor, manage and fix issues that impede companies from releasing global-ready software.

To learn more about Lingoport Suite please visit: https://lingoport.com/products/

For more information on Continuous Globalization, please visit: https://lingoport.com/continuous-globalization

For the Globalyzer release notes, please visit: https://lingoport.com/globalyzer-release-notes/

About Lingoport

Lingoport is a trusted resource for the world’s leading technology companies, helping software and complex websites perform gracefully in any language or locale. Lingoport Suite integrates with ongoing development to measure and fix source code for internationalization (i18n) defects and automates the flow of localization to keep up with ongoing user-interface changes. Additionally, Lingoport’s internationalization service offerings help companies meet challenging global release deadlines. For more information, please visit https://lingoport.com or contact Lingoport at sales@lingoport.com.

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