How To Create i18n Guidelines For l10n-Ready Software

Webinar Recorded

Wed, October 25, 2023

Duration: 30 minutes

9 am Pacific, Noon Eastern, 18:00 CEST

Webinar i18n Guidelines Align Your Developers for Creating Localization Ready Software

Ever wondered why software localization errors often trace back to code-level internationalization (i18n) missteps? 

Through dialogues with global enterprises, we’ve discerned that a significant portion of software localization challenges stem from i18n intricacies. The remedy? Effective i18n guidelines that enlighten developers on best coding practices for internationalized apps, laying the groundwork for top-tier localized releases. Without them, you get teams reinventing i18n and L10n support in their own ways. 

Join us to unveil the power of well-tailored i18n guidelines that:

✔ Simplify QA processes.

✔ Slash bug-fixing durations.

✔ Streamline localization.

The gist? It isn’t solely about externalizing strings or Unicode adoption. Every project is a unique blend of tech, languages, and coding nuances. Thus, guidelines should resonate with developers’ actual challenges.

🎙️ Webinar Highlights:

  • Crafting impactful i18n guidelines.
  • Benefits for management, developers, QA, and localization.
  • Tailoring tips for distinct product teams.
  • Blueprint for success.
  • Empowering your teams through training.

📅 Details:

Date: Wednesday, October 25th

Time: 9AM Pacific, Noon Eastern, 18:00 CEST

Duration: Approx. 30 mins (+ live Q&A)

🔊 Lead Speaker: Milen Epik, Lingoport’s VP of Globalization Services

Ms. Epik is a technical management industry veteran, leading and teaching i18n and localization at an enterprise scale for over 25 years. 

Webinar Recording

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