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Webinar Video: Internationalization ROI

Return on Investment for Internationalization Processes and Tools

Though this internationalization webinar occurred in the past, we have a recording available at no charge. Please complete registration form to receive link to this video.

Figuring out where your engineering dollars go, while optimizing processes and seeing their effect on the bottom line is a very difficult exercise. However we receive requests from over half our clients to help illustrate the ROI for improving internationalization so there is far less programming, testing and process iterations during localization. To that end, we present a study in applied internationalization experience, and true costs of finding and fixing internationalization issues in code.

Free Webinar: Internationalization ROI Improvement Using i18n Tools

In this one-hour webinar, we will discuss and illustrate how internationalization gets done and how Globalyzer optimizes the process. We’ll look at real dollars and hours involved in taking on an internationalization project assuming a substantial software application with multiple programming languages.

We’ll be covering Internationalization:

  • Basics
  • Traditional approaches to a software internationalization effort
  • Tools to get the job done faster
  • A very detailed spreadsheet showing where your money is going and how to keep much more of it!
  • Examining how ongoing internationalization also affects your localization ROI costs

This webinar is being hosted by Lingoport and direct clients as well as localization partners are absolutely welcome.

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