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How to easliy identify i18n bugs in your code?

Globalyzer is a software internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n) management tool developed by Lingoport. It is designed to help software development teams identify and address internationalization issues in their codebase, making it easier to prepare software applications for localization and global markets.

Globalyzer works by scanning source code for embedded strings, locale-sensitive methods, specific programming patterns, and static files. It then reports any issues that it finds. Globalyzer also provides information on how to fix the issues.

Globalyzer is a powerful tool that can help developers to make their software more accessible to users around the world. It is a valuable tool for any developer who is working on an internationalized project.

Here are some of the key features of Globalyzer:

  1. Internationalization Analysis: Globalyzer scans source code, resource files, and other software assets to identify internationalization issues. It detects potential problems related to character encoding, date and time formatting, string concatenation, and more. It helps developers uncover areas where the code may not be easily adaptable to different languages and locales.
  2. Rule Sets and Compliance: Globalyzer provides pre-configured, customizable rule sets based on internationalization best practices and standards such as the Unicode Standard, CLDR (Common Locale Data Repository), and platform-specific guidelines. It helps ensure compliance with these standards, allowing developers to fix issues and align the codebase with internationalization requirements.
  3. Dashboard and Reporting: Globalyzer offers a user-friendly dashboard that displays the detected internationalization issues and their severity levels. It provides detailed reports and analytics, enabling developers to track progress, prioritize fixes, and monitor the overall internationalization status of the project.
  4. Collaboration and Workflow Integration: Globalyzer supports collaboration among team members by allowing them to share and discuss internationalization issues within the tool. It integrates with popular development environments and continuous integration tools, enabling seamless integration into the existing development workflow.
  5. Continuous Monitoring: Globalyzer can be set up for continuous monitoring, allowing development teams to detect new internationalization issues as they arise. This ensures that internationalization concerns are addressed throughout the software development lifecycle, minimizing the risk of introducing new issues during ongoing development.

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