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Boulder, CO August 8, 2018 – Lingoport has released new software, InContext QA 1.0.

InContext QA dramatically simplifies Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA), so that localization of software can be edited directly on application pages and easily managed by linguistic reviewers and localization teams, disrupting tedious and time-consuming traditional LQA processes.

InContext QA top benefits:

  • Saves time, going from weeks to hours for LQA reviews and updates
  • Eases use, with edits directly on application pages in context
  • Engages in-country stakeholders for better quality
  • Makes LQA concurrent with sprints and releases
  • Integrates with source control and Translation Management Systems

While localization is important for gaining success in global markets, translation of software presents unique difficulties. Translation is highly contextual to any application’s focused market and users. What’s more, reviewing translations in software using traditional methods is a messy, slow and tedious process. InContext now makes the entire process easy and direct.

With InContext QA, reviewers can see the application running in their browser and make changes immediately, directly interacting with the page and the underlying software files. Those changes can be reviewed and approved within the application. Once approved, the system automatically updates the files, while also working nicely with translation memory or management systems.

Traditional industry practice is for the reviewer to go through translation lists and software screens that are applicable to a current feature release or localization product. When LQA reviewers saw an issue, they would make a screenshot, mark the error and file a bug report with the suggested translation. Those reports would be reviewed and approved, then a developer would have to locate the files where the linguistic changes needed to be made, based on the screenshot as a visual clue of where to look – often not obvious. The developer would update the files and the product build. Then the application updates would need to be verified. Those steps are time-consuming and expensive. Traditional LQA can’t remain concurrent with the pace of agile development, and linguistic quality and therefore global opportunities suffer.

InContext streamlines a formerly onerous process, taking what is often ten or more steps down to two simple and immediate actions (change and approve).

InContext QA relies on the use of Lingoport Resource Manager, a component of Lingoport Suite, for continuous internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n). InContext QA supports software using a wide range of programming languages and their respective resource file types, including JavaScript, Java, C# and more. You can watch a video of InContext QA in action here. 

“Linguistic QA used to be an obstacle to globalized software maturation. Now it can be easy and fast. Localization processes need to match the speed of softhttps/ feature releases,” said Adam Asnes, Lingoport’s CEO. “If you want your products to move beyond global early adoption, pay attention to the quality of internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n). Delight worldwide users with each new update, just like you do in your home markets.”

Learn more about InContext QA and the Lingoport Suite. 

About Lingoport:

Lingoport provides software and professional services that enable globally focused companies to create and maintain software that works elegantly in every language and locale.

The Lingoport Suite includes Globalyzer, Resource Manager, and InContext QA. Working together, these products continuously monitor, fix, collaborate and manage both internationalization and localization in each software sprint and release.

Contact: Matthew Deragisch,

Lingoport, Inc.

3180 Sterling Cir #201

Boulder, CO 80301 USA



Picture of Adam Asnes
Adam Asnes
Adam Asnes is the Founder and CEO of Lingoport, the industry leader in software internationalization products and services.
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