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Webinar: Internationalization Cost Study

Painting a true cost of your internationalization (i18n) process –

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Fixing i18n bugs is expensive. Exponentially so, the longer one waits to fix them.  The industry talks about costs associated with this process conceptually, but without concrete figures supported with historical data to show true losses, no one really quite believed the cost figures that were being estimated.

For example: Would you believe that a small product of 100,000 lines of code on Java could introduce approx. 2,000 embedded strings and 1,719 methods/classes and functions i18n bugs, and take about 2,400 hours to refactor?

Would you equally believe that the process could be reduced to about 675 total hours?

Internationalization Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator –

To our knowledge, no study conducted to date includes historical data of internationalization issues found across programming languages. Nor has a body established a framework to understand cost parameters involved in a i18n project and the cost of when a i18n bug has been found and refactored. Lingoport is in a unique position to present data and its framework from experiences with its internationalization software (Globalyzer) and services that each company can use to better understand the cost and room for improvement in their internationalization processes.

In this webinar, we will review the internationalization cost study and provide the numbers/supporting data to learn:

  • Frequency of types i18n issues in code
  • The financial effect of timing for fixing issues
  • Why testing isn’t enough
  • The financial benefits of finding and fixing i18n issues at the source
  • How using Globalyzer creates savings in time and money
  • What’s still involved with maintaining code that’s already internationalized

Webinar Details:

  • When: Webinar was June 5th. Recording now available when registering below
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Cost: Only your time
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Presenters: Adam Asnes, Lingoport CEO & Olivier Libouban, Globalization Architect

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