A Serious Lack of Internationalization Measurement & Management in the Software Industry

Internationalization Measurement

Lingoport recently conducted a survey titled The State of Continuous Internationalization & Localization. Through the process, we received 121 responses from members of the industry.

State of the Industry Webinar

We highlighted the results of the survey during our webinar, The State of the Internationalization and Localization Industry, on February 28, 2018, and I invite you to watch the recording of the webinar here. (The webinar also features an interview with industry leader Renato Beninatto of Nimdzi Insights for his additional insights and perspectives on the survey results.)

Internationalization Measurement & Management

One thing that especially caught my eye with the survey is the lack of a documented and formalized process, with metrics, for measuring and managing internationalization (i18n) at the majority of companies.

Only 8% of respondents thought they did an excellent job at measuring and managing i18n requirements. Just over forty percent (40.5%) have either absolutely no process or reported that they barely had a system in place. This represents a major opportunity for companies to upgrade their i18n management infrastructure, which would improve software quality and reliability.

Some form of software quality measurement is a basic benchmark for any desired software requirement. To be weak on measurement is to rely on randomness, which is never a good idea.

If your company falls into the category of lacking an i18n requirements measurement & management system, perhaps you now have a new agenda item to raise at your next team meeting.

Watch the webinar recording.


The State of Continuous i18n & L10n Survey Results

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