Internationalization in Real-Time

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What if there was a solution that brings internationalization to the forefront of development that empowers software engineers to perform i18n tasks within one integrated environment? In this hands-on one-hour online session, Lingoport will demonstrate how Globalyzer 4.0 (in beta now) fits into the development environment of the engineer.

Examples will include interacting with source code repositories and a resource assistant to externalize, manage, validate and pseudo-localize strings. See real-time internationalization as we work with source code and learn how Globalyzer, the leading internationalization product, ensures best-step i18n practices and compliance.

Webinar: “Internationalization in Real-Time”
Time and Date: Thursday, February 23rd at 11am PT
Recording: View webinar recording below
Presenters: Adam Blau and Olivier Libouban of Lingoport

Who will benefit from attending this session:

  • Software development managers
  • Software engineers
  • Technically oriented localization engineers
  • Internationalization managers/engineers

Adam Blau, Lingoport’s VP of Sales
Olivier Libouban, Globalization Lead at Lingoport

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