Webinar Video: Internationalize Code with Globalyzer 3.0

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Though this internationalization webinar occurred in the past, we have a recording available at no charge. Please complete registration form to receive link to this video.

In this one-hour webinar, internationalization and localization experts Adam Asnes and Cary Clark analyze and internationalize an open source software application. Webinar attendees will learn how to scan and analyze source code for internationalization issues, identify and externalize embedded strings, as well as finding and fixing locale limiting methods, functions, and classes. Asnes and Clark will also discuss ways to automate I18n code review and reporting for ongoing development.
This webinar was recorded live.

Globalyzer Internationalization Webinar Screenshot


  • Basic Internationalization Concepts
  • Kicking off and internationalization project
  • Assessing code for Architectural Issues
  • Performing a source code review for internationalization assessment
  • Creating an internationalization plan
  • Supporting internationalization across your enterprise

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